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Gluten free chocolate brownies with tahini caramel and pistachios

Gluten free dark chocolate vegan brownies with tahini caramelGluten free dark chocolate vegan brownies with tahini caramel

if unsure, add tahini” – I bumped into this sentence somewhere (cannot remember where) and must say that I totally agree with it: I don’t think there are many dishes or ingredients tahini wouldn’t fit into – one sauce really fits all. I always have a tahini jar at home and I use it almost every day: I love it on top of bread, in smoothies or with oatgurt and berries, on top of porridge, in dressings and marinades, with apple slides or carrot sticks, and of course, in baking.

This recipe was created for Urtekram, and oh boy was I happy when I heard they would love me to create a recipe for tahini! The only challenge here was really to make up my mind about the recipe, ’cause of tahini’s versatility.

This time the idea of tahini brownies won, and to make things even sweeter, I decided to make a tahini caramel sauce to decorate the brownies. And I almost couldn’t wait for the result myself! These gluten free vegan brownies turned out beautiful, sweet and dark, and were almost calling for lovely pistachios, that I used for decoration.

Gluten free dark chocolate vegan brownies with tahini caramel

Gluten free dark chocolate vegan brownies with tahini caramelGluten free dark chocolate vegan brownies with tahini caramel

The brownies are perfectly moist as well – thanks to the zucchini hidden inside of the dough. There is smooth and creamy peanut butter, coconut milk and banana as well, so no eggs needed – these lovely treats are suitable for vegans too!

In addition to the lovely taste of tahini (oh yes, I must admit, I’m addicted) this seed spread is packed with nutrients and goodness. If you think tahini has a bitter taste, I do have god news for you: Urtekram’s tahini is made from sesame seeds that contains low amounts of bitter substances, so the taste is soft and nice. And you can really taste it!

These gluten free vegan brownies are nice and moist, and they stay together easily, especially if you let them be for a while after taking them out from the oven – this way the flavor will deepen a bit as well, so waiting is really worth it!

Enjoy, Tuulia xx

Gluten free dark chocolate vegan brownies with tahini caramel

Gluten free vegan chocolate brownies with tahini-caramel and pistachios

approx 12 pieces

dry ingredients:
2 dl almont flour
0,5 dl oat flour
1,5 dl dark chocolate powder
0,5 tsp salt
0,5 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla powder

wet ingredients:
0,75 dl maple syrup
0,5 dl creamy coconut milk
3 rkl smooth peanut butter
2 tbsp tahini
1 ripe banana
1/2 of a medium sized zuccini

a bit of virgin coconut oil

tahini caramel:
8 soft medjool-dates
2 tbsp tahini
0,2-04 dl water (depending on how moist the dates are)
(salt, if the tahini doesn’t have salt)

for decoration: pistachios

1. Heat the oven to 175 degrees. Mix the dry ingredients together.

2. Dice the zucchini and put all the we ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth.

3. Mix the dry ingredients with the wet ones.

4. Use parchment paper inside of a pan and and oil it slightly. Set a side for a moment.

5. Prepare tahini caramel: put all the ingredients into a blender. Add only a bit of water to start with, then add more when needed. The tahini caramel should be soft, sweet and “spread like”. Spread the caramel of top of brownies.

6. Bake more or less for 40 minutes – the time depends on how thick the brownies are, so watch the brownies a bit while they’re baking.

7. Grind coarsely the pistachios (hull them if needed, of course) and decorate the brownies. Enjoy! ✨

Gluten free dark chocolate vegan brownies with tahini caramel

This recipe was created for Urtekram Finland.

Cashew pudding “Lovely Lemon Licorice” ✨

Dairy free raw cashew lemon pudding with licorice cookie crumble

Ah, may I proudly present: delicious, zesty lemon cashew pudding with lovely licorice “cookie crumble”!

For a longer time I had been graving lemon and licorice, and had been thinking about a perfect recipe to combine these. When I gave it a thought, it turned out that this combination would be perfect fit for oh so many recipes (so the “to do” list of recipes just gets longer and longer!), but this time I ended making cashew pudding (always a good choice!).

The active cooking time for this pudding is short, but the cashews should be soaked in order to get smooth texture for the pudding. So, I was left with a lot of time to build up a perfect “cookie crumble” for the licorice-part of the pudding. And oh boy I did some testing – enjoyed every moment, haha. Finally the “cookie crumble” was so good, that I decided to stick with it. The hardest part of this recipe, by the way, was not to eat all the crumble before the pudding itself was ready, but luckily there was some left for the portions as well.

This pudding is versatile: it’s perfect as a dessert but goes well for a snack as well. And I must point out, the pudding is very nutritious too: thanks to all the nuts and seeds, it’s packed with all the goodies.

But, without going more into details, let’s continue to the recipe itself – hope you love it too!


Dairt free raw cashew lemon pudding with licorice cookie crumble

Cashew pudding “Lovely Lemon Licorice”

two – three portions

2 dl cashew nuts (soaked over night or at least 4 hours)
juice of one smallish lemon
approx. 1,5-2 dl coconut milk
1 tbsp chia seeds
piece of banana

“cookie crumble”
1 dl gluten free oat flakes
0,5 dl sun flower seeds
0,5 dl peeled hemp seed
4 soft medjool dates
2-3 tsp strong raw licorice powder (for example Urtekram or Lakritsfabriken)
a pinch of salt

1. Prepare the “cookie crumble”: place all the ingredients into blender and blend until cookie dough starts to build up. Scoop the dough from the blender and set aside for a moment.

2. Put the soaked nuts and lemon juice into blender, and blend until the nuts are crushed. Add coconut milk, chia and a piece of banana, and blend a little bit more. Add coconut milk, if needed – the texture should be smooth and lovely.

3. Check the flavor – add more banana or lemon if needed. When the flavor is perfect, place into fridge for a moment.

4. Put the “cookie crumble” on on the bottom of the cup, spoon the pudding on top, and decorate with the crumble.

5. Ready – enjoy! ✨

Dairy free raw cashew lemon pudding with licorice cookie crumble


Summer’s easiest pancake cake! (gluten free and vegan)

Small pancake cakes with chocolate, berries and coconut creamSmall pancake cakes with chocolate, berries and coconut cream

If I had to choose my favorite dessert for summer, pancakes (or crepes, to be more precise) wouldn’t be too far from the top. This time I decided to do a bit more festive version of this easy and delicious dessert, and ended up making small and cute cakes. This, a bit “upgraded” version of pancakes, is a truly delicious treat, with raw chocolate mousse between, raspberry-coconut cream on top and loads of fresh summer berries. Just lovely.

As a sweetener I used organic coconut blossom syrup, that has a bit exotic caramel-like aroma. The colour is golden brown, and beautiful. And as it’s totally vegan approved, I decided to make the pancakes plant based too. Instead of eggs, the dough has bananas in it, so it’s naturally a bit sweet, and needed only a bit of the lovely syrup into it. The syrup was as it’s best on top of the pancake cakes: it goes oh so nicely together with fresh berries and coconut cream, and is so pretty as well!

Small pancake cakes with chocolate, berries and coconut cream

These gluten and dairy free pancakes are easy to prepare, especially if you do like I did: instead of big crepes bake smaller ones and prepare a small, own cake for everyone. Since the summer berries are on season now, was the choice obvious, but the pancake cakes goes well with other berries or fruits as well.

I just heard, by the way, that the currants are getting ripe as we speak – can’t wait to have some pancake cakes with them as well!


Small pancake cakes with chocolate, berries and coconut cream

Summer’s easiest pancake cake! (gluten free and vegan)

serves four

1,2 dl oat flour
1 dl buchwheat flour
2,5 dl coconut milk
3 dl oat milk
1 tbsp nutbutter (smooth)
2 tbsp coconut blossom syrup
2 ripe bananas
pinch of salt

virgin coconut oil for frying

1 ripe avocado (or two small ones)
1 dl coconut milk
2-3 tbsp raw cocoa powder
2-3 rkl coconut blossom syrup

on top:
whipped coconut cream
fresh raspberries
other fresh berries or fruits

1. Prepare whipped coconut cream: use the creamy part of coconut milk can (stored in cold) and mix the raspberries into it, whip lightly. Put into fridge for a moment.

2. Make the pancakes: put all the ingredients into blender, and blend until smooth. Fry the pancakes until golden and nice (small pancakes are the easiets to make). The pancakes are ready to be turned over, when they move easily on the pan. Put pnackes aside for a moment when ready.

3. When all the pancakes are ready, let them cool down. Then prepare the filling with a blender or hand blender: mix all the ingredients until smooth. Check the flavor: add sweetness, if needed.

4. When the pancakes are cooled down, you can pile the small cakes: spread the chocolate mousse in between every pancake, and spread the raspberry coconut cream on top. Finish with heaps of fresh berries and coconut syrup.

5. Ready, enjoy!

Small pancake cakes with chocolate, berries and coconut cream

This recipe was developed for Urtekram.

Iced sesame milk cocoa with mint

Dairyfree iced mint cocoa from sesame seed milk

If I had to name my favorite plant based milk, it would most probably be sesame seed milk. I love the taste, and with coconut milk is the only milk substitute that works perfectly with coffee too. The fact that sesame seeds are bursting with calsium is great news too, since we are, after all, talking about milk substitute. (By the way, this is why one should always use seeds with the hull.)

Sesame seed milk is really easy to make, but it takes some time, because the seeds should first be soaked over night. This is actually the reason I quite often forget to make the milk myself: the moment the milk is needed, I realise that the seeds haven’t been soaked. This is something I will for sure work on in the future, since not only is the sesame seed milk easy to prepare, it’s also incredibly nutritious, and at least from Finland not so easy to find from stores.

Dairyfree iced mint cocoa from sesame seed milk

This time I used to whole sesame seed milk to iced cacao, and it was just perfect with it! The cacao turned out super soft and silky. For the sweetness I added some dates and lucuma, along with a hint of peppermint extract – ending up with a sweet, refreshing, mint cocoa. And it was sooo good!

But besides being delicious and great alternative for milk, this iced dairy free cocoa has some great health benefits. Only adding nuts and seeds into your diet you makes a great difference, protecting you from various deceases and fighting inflammation. From this sesame seed cocoa, along with calsium, you also get fiber, a great amount of vitamin E and some good fat, to name a few. And yes, of course substituting cow’s milk with plant based milks you do a favor to the planet as well – this cocoa is also ethical and ecological choice as well!

Iced cocoa makes a great, refreshing drink for a hot summer day (and quiets you sweet tooth as well!).

Hoping some sweet and refreshing moments to you too, xx

Dairyfree iced mint cocoa from sesame seed milk

Iced sesame milk cocoa with mint
1 dl sesame seeds, soaked (hulled)
5-6 dl water
3-4 tbsp raw cocoa powder
1 tbsp lucuma powder
6 medjool-dates
n. 1/4 tl peppermint extract
ice cubes

1. Place the soaked sesame seeds into a blender together with water. Blend on high speed until the seeds are totally mixed with water and the “milk” is ready.

2. Take the seeds out of the soft dates, and add into blender together with lucuma, cocoa and peppermint. Blend, until nice and smooth.

3. Add the ice cubes and blend a bit more.

4. Ready! Cheers! ✨

Dairyfree iced mint cocoa from sesame seed milk

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