Non-Dairy seed yogurt with lemon and mango

Silkkinen siemenjogurtti mangolla & sitruunalla

Those of you who follow Wellberries on IG probably noticed that during Easter I was trying to develop different types of dairy-free substitutes for yogurt. First I tested a 100 % sesame seed yogurt, which tasted divine (and the calsium content in it is super high – eating just a portion a day of sesame yogurt could almost cover your daily recommended intake of it!), but I found that in the end using only sesame seeds isn’t the optimal choice.

So, I continued my search for a best seed or nut (or mixture of them), and I didn’t have to think about the problem for long before I realized that the best result most probably would come out of the soft tasting hemp seed – and their omega 3/omega 6 ratio is great as well.  And what about the protein? I use hemp seed in almost every vegan meal or salad that I eat to add some protein to the portion – hemp seeds contain even 25 grams of protein per each 100 grams. In addition to all that goodness, hemp seed also include all the essential amino acids and some less essential ones too. They are definitely one of my favourite seeds, so I was eager to try to make “yogurt” out of them,

In the end I couldn’t resist the temptation of adding into the mix some sesame seeds, as well, to add some extra calcium – we are talking about a substitute for yogurt, after all. One portion of this non-dairy yogurt will provide you with approximately 110 mg of well absorbing calcium.

Silkkinen siemenjogurtti mangolla & sitruunalla

In summary, this soft-tasting yogurt has a slightly nutty taste to it and contains lots of healthy goodies like calcium, protein, healthy fatty acids, and loads of good energy. The only thing missing in this yogurt substitute that I can think of are the natural probiotics occuring in the dairy yogurts. Of course, if you want to add some probiotics into this yogurt, you could add a probiotic capsule into the mix as well.

I can guarantee you that this non-dairy seed-based yogurt will keep your hunger at bay for a good long while. It’s a great start to the day!

Hemp Seed-Based Yogurt with Lemon & Mango

(for two)

1 dl peeled hemp seeds (soaked)
0,2 dl light sesame seeds (soaked)
4–5 Tbsp water
1 mango
2–3 Tbsp lemon juice
a sprinkle of vanilla powder

1. Let the hemp and sesame seed soak in water over the night (this will make their structure softer, lead to a silkier yogurt texture and activate the nutrients in the seeds.)

2. Right before preparing the yogurt, rinse the seeds and drain the water.

3. Pour all the ingredients into the blender and let the blender do its magic until the texture is silky smooth. Taste and add lemon to your liking.

Tip: this non-dairy yogurt is even better cold, so I suggest having it rest in the fridge for a while before serving!


Silkkinen siemenjogurtti mangolla & sitruunalla

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