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Whipped Chia Lingonberry Porridge

Kermaisen pehmeä chia-puolukkapuuro - se vähän parempi vispipuuro!

Summer is at its end, and I’ve noticed variations of whipped porridge coming up in different magazines and blogs. I love a lovely, fluffy whipped porridge which is typically made into semolina, but thanks to my gluten-free diet this traditional delicacy isn’t anymore on my list of appropriate foods.

But instead of feeling sorry for myself, I’ve been trying to think of something to replace it. This morning I did my first experiment around this idea, and as you might have guessed it from the fact that I’m even writing this post, the porridge came out super good. Fluffy, with a rich lingonberry flavour, and of course, a high nutrition content.

Whipped Chia Lingonberry Porridge

(for two)

1 dl chia seeds
2 dl coconut milk
2,5 dl lingonberries
1,5 dl water
1 (-2) bananas (add to taste)
2 rkl lucuma powder

Start by preparing a gel out of the chia seeds and water (let the chia seeds soak in the water until it has all been soaked into the seeds). Blend the gel together with the bananas. Add the cowberries and honey, and blend it all until the porridge is nice and fluffy.

There, now you are ready. Be sure to drown your porridge in almond milk, and enjoy! What a wonderful feeling it is to notice that almost all foods can have their equivalent in the gluten-free world!

Tuulia xx

Kermaisen pehmeä chia-puolukkapuuro - se vähän parempi vispipuuro!

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