Soft Broccoli Pesto (Dairy-free, Vegan)

Broccoli pesto (vegan, dairyfree)
I’m simply delighted everytime I figure out a new way to increase my broccoli intake. This happened with this pesto as well – you can squeeze a whole lot of broccoli in quite a small amount of pesto, and what’s best, this pesto came out tasting super, too!

You won’t probably need convincing on the many health benefits eating broccoli has, let’s just say they are numerable – all the way from preventing cancer to lowering inflammation in the body, from boosting your immune system to being good for your brains and gut, just to name you a few effects.

In case you suffer from thyroid issues, you will want to cook the broccoli first, though, so its goitrogenic effects are disabled. If you have no problems with your thyroid, you can safely enjoy broccoli raw as well, like in this pesto.

This time I enjoyed this vegan pesto as a spread on top of my rice cakes, but it’s naturally good with various types of dishes: as a side, a sauce, or a layering. This pesto is easy to whip up, and thanks to nutritional yeast it also contains a huge amount of various types of vitamin B. Everything you need (except for the ingredients, of course) is a blender.

Soft Broccoli Pesto

ca. 300 g broccoli
0,75 dl peeled hemp seed
½ bunch of fresh basil
0,75 dl virgin olive oil
1 clove of garlic
ca. 0,5 dl nutritional yeast flakes
a dash of salt
a dash of black pepper
a squeeze of lemon juice

Place all the ingredients in the blender (chop the broccoli first into smaller pieces) and blend until smooth. Check the taste, and season to your liking.


Broccoli pesto (vegan, dairyfree)

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