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Iced sesame milk cocoa with mint

Dairyfree iced mint cocoa from sesame seed milk

If I had to name my favorite plant based milk, it would most probably be sesame seed milk. I love the taste, and with coconut milk is the only milk substitute that works perfectly with coffee too. The fact that sesame seeds are bursting with calsium is great news too, since we are, after all, talking about milk substitute. (By the way, this is why one should always use seeds with the hull.)

Sesame seed milk is really easy to make, but it takes some time, because the seeds should first be soaked over night. This is actually the reason I quite often forget to make the milk myself: the moment the milk is needed, I realise that the seeds haven’t been soaked. This is something I will for sure work on in the future, since not only is the sesame seed milk easy to prepare, it’s also incredibly nutritious, and at least from Finland not so easy to find from stores.

Dairyfree iced mint cocoa from sesame seed milk

This time I used to whole sesame seed milk to iced cacao, and it was just perfect with it! The cacao turned out super soft and silky. For the sweetness I added some dates and lucuma, along with a hint of peppermint extract – ending up with a sweet, refreshing, mint cocoa. And it was sooo good!

But besides being delicious and great alternative for milk, this iced dairy free cocoa has some great health benefits. Only adding nuts and seeds into your diet you makes a great difference, protecting you from various deceases and fighting inflammation. From this sesame seed cocoa, along with calsium, you also get fiber, a great amount of vitamin E and some good fat, to name a few. And yes, of course substituting cow’s milk with plant based milks you do a favor to the planet as well – this cocoa is also ethical and ecological choice as well!

Iced cocoa makes a great, refreshing drink for a hot summer day (and quiets you sweet tooth as well!).

Hoping some sweet and refreshing moments to you too, xx

Dairyfree iced mint cocoa from sesame seed milk

Iced sesame milk cocoa with mint
1 dl sesame seeds, soaked (hulled)
5-6 dl water
3-4 tbsp raw cocoa powder
1 tbsp lucuma powder
6 medjool-dates
n. 1/4 tl peppermint extract
ice cubes

1. Place the soaked sesame seeds into a blender together with water. Blend on high speed until the seeds are totally mixed with water and the “milk” is ready.

2. Take the seeds out of the soft dates, and add into blender together with lucuma, cocoa and peppermint. Blend, until nice and smooth.

3. Add the ice cubes and blend a bit more.

4. Ready! Cheers! ✨

Dairyfree iced mint cocoa from sesame seed milk

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