Summer’s easiest pancake cake! (gluten free and vegan)

Small pancake cakes with chocolate, berries and coconut creamSmall pancake cakes with chocolate, berries and coconut cream

If I had to choose my favorite dessert for summer, pancakes (or crepes, to be more precise) wouldn’t be too far from the top. This time I decided to do a bit more festive version of this easy and delicious dessert, and ended up making small and cute cakes. This, a bit “upgraded” version of pancakes, is a truly delicious treat, with raw chocolate mousse between, raspberry-coconut cream on top and loads of fresh summer berries. Just lovely.

As a sweetener I used organic coconut blossom syrup, that has a bit exotic caramel-like aroma. The colour is golden brown, and beautiful. And as it’s totally vegan approved, I decided to make the pancakes plant based too. Instead of eggs, the dough has bananas in it, so it’s naturally a bit sweet, and needed only a bit of the lovely syrup into it. The syrup was as it’s best on top of the pancake cakes: it goes oh so nicely together with fresh berries and coconut cream, and is so pretty as well!

Small pancake cakes with chocolate, berries and coconut cream

These gluten and dairy free pancakes are easy to prepare, especially if you do like I did: instead of big crepes bake smaller ones and prepare a small, own cake for everyone. Since the summer berries are on season now, was the choice obvious, but the pancake cakes goes well with other berries or fruits as well.

I just heard, by the way, that the currants are getting ripe as we speak – can’t wait to have some pancake cakes with them as well!


Small pancake cakes with chocolate, berries and coconut cream

Summer’s easiest pancake cake! (gluten free and vegan)

serves four

1,2 dl oat flour
1 dl buchwheat flour
2,5 dl coconut milk
3 dl oat milk
1 tbsp nutbutter (smooth)
2 tbsp coconut blossom syrup
2 ripe bananas
pinch of salt

virgin coconut oil for frying

1 ripe avocado (or two small ones)
1 dl coconut milk
2-3 tbsp raw cocoa powder
2-3 rkl coconut blossom syrup

on top:
whipped coconut cream
fresh raspberries
other fresh berries or fruits

1. Prepare whipped coconut cream: use the creamy part of coconut milk can (stored in cold) and mix the raspberries into it, whip lightly. Put into fridge for a moment.

2. Make the pancakes: put all the ingredients into blender, and blend until smooth. Fry the pancakes until golden and nice (small pancakes are the easiets to make). The pancakes are ready to be turned over, when they move easily on the pan. Put pnackes aside for a moment when ready.

3. When all the pancakes are ready, let them cool down. Then prepare the filling with a blender or hand blender: mix all the ingredients until smooth. Check the flavor: add sweetness, if needed.

4. When the pancakes are cooled down, you can pile the small cakes: spread the chocolate mousse in between every pancake, and spread the raspberry coconut cream on top. Finish with heaps of fresh berries and coconut syrup.

5. Ready, enjoy!

Small pancake cakes with chocolate, berries and coconut cream

This recipe was developed for Urtekram.

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