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Raspberry-licorice nice cream and last days of summer!

Dairyfree raspberry-licorice

Just today I noticed that there is a new, dairy free ice cream in the assortment of our corner shop – how nice to see the categories of dairy free products finally getting more and more products! The flavor was exiting as well: raspberry-licorice with a hint of chili. Anyways, as always, the ice cream also has glucose syrup (that for sure is not my favorite), so I left it in the store, and left. However, the flavor and the idea of ice cream didn’t leave me alone, and when I got home, I was graving for some nice cream.

And what does one do, when this happens? Well, of course I opened the bible of nice creams – N’ice Cream book by talented and lovely Finnish bloggers Tuulia and Virpi.  I was sure the book would solve my problem, and so it did – from the instant section of the book I found rapsberry-licorice nice cream, with licorice-cream sauce. Just perfect!

Earlier summers I’ve been making a lot more nice creams than this year, but luckily the autumn seems to be sunny and warm – I’m hoping to have more time for the book as well. I must be the last one to try out the recipes, so popular has the book been, and no wonder – the book is amazing.

Like I mentioned, the recipe is from the instant ice cream section, and instant it truly is! As long as you have some frozen banana, is the treat almost ready, ha! The recipe is straight from the book, only to the sauce I made some small modifications. And it’s so, so good!

Wishing you sunny autumn days,
Tuulia xx

Dairyfree raspberry-licorice

Raspberry-licorice nice cream

for two

1 can full fat coconut milk, stored in cold
2 dl frozen raspberries
1 frozen ripe banana
3 medjoold dates, pitted
2 tsp raw licorice powder

Licorice cream
3 medjoold dates, pitted
1 dl coconut milk
2 tsp raw licorice powder
2 tsp smooth peanut butter

1. Start by preparing the licorice cream: put all the ingredients into blender and blend until smooth.

2. Open the coconut milk can and spoon the thick, creamy part into blender. Add raspberries, sates and spices. Blend until smooth, creamy and lovely.

3. Decorate with raspberries and enjoy right away with the sauce. So good! ✨

Dairyfree raspberry-licorice nice cream

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