Vietnamese spring rolls, lentil-peanut sauce and thai hummus

Vietnamise veggie rolls with lentil-peanut sauce and thai-hummus dip

I love, love love Vietnamese, fresh spring rolls. They’re tasty, easy to modify, and a great way to eat tons of veggies at once. Quite often people feel they need a lot of time to prepare, but I must disagree: the sauces come up quickly and the most time demanding part is chopping the veggies and soaking all the rice papers one by one. But if you’re more than one cooking and prepping, they’re superfast and just great food for weekdays too.

Also it’s fun to make them: if you have children, even the youngest can join you in the kitchen and help tear the kale or herbs, and a bit older can help chopping and making the sauces. Handy, not to mention the quality time you can spend together as a family or with your friends.

(Well ok, if you still feel the rolls are too much work, I’ve got a tip for you: just leave the rice papers away and serve the ingredients as a veggie bowls, with the lovely and protein rich sauces I’m going to introduce to you soon. Works as well!)

I created this recipe for Go Green Finland, and as I use their lentils and chick peas often anyway, it was natural to choose them for this campaign posting as well. The recipe turned out so, so good, super healthy and filling for sure: the protein for the meal comes from the tasty dips.

Vietnamise veggie rolls with lentil-peanut sauce and thai-hummus dip

The recipe is gluten free, dairy free and suitable for vegans. The rolls can be modified almost endlessly, and therefore you can safely invite almost anyone to enjoy them with you, no matter what is their diet.

Hummus is for sure familiar to all of us, but when you add some coconut milk and thai spices to it, you will get more dip-like sauce, that’s perfect for the rolls. The lentil sauce has lovely peanut flavor and it’s almost like a visit to Morocco thanks to lovely Ras el hanout – spice mix.

The sauces are rich in taste but also protein. They’re just perfect for these rolls, but for oh so many other dishes as well!

Hope you love them too!

Tuulia xx

Vietnamise veggie rolls with lentil-peanut sauce and thai-hummus dipVietnamise veggie rolls with lentil-peanut sauce and thai-hummus dip

Lentil-peanut sauce 

1 carton of ready to eat – red lentils (300g)
5 tbsp smooth peanut butter
jiuce of 1/2 lime
1 tsp Ras el hanout – spice mix
salt to taste
water, until the texture is good

1 carton of ready to eat- chick peas
1 glove of garlic
2 tbsp lime juice
1,5 tbsp tahini
fresh chili to taste
fresh, grated ginger, to taste
approx 5 tbsp of virgin olive oil
0,5 tsp cumin
0,5 tsp salt
coconut milk, until the texture is smooth and nice

Spring rolls

rice papers
rice vermicelli


red gabbage
fresh herbs: cilantro, mint, thai basil

1. Prepare the sauces: strain the lentils and chic peas, rinse them and put into bowls. Add the other ingredients and use hand blender to make the sauces.

2. Boil waiter, add some salt and prepare noodles according to the instruction on the packet. Rinse whit cold water.

3. Wash / peel the veggies, and make some sticks. Tear the kale into smaller pieces and when rinsing them, give them a “massage” – this makes the structure of the kale a bit softer. Slice the avocado and chop the herbs.

4. Take flat bowl and fill it with water. Put rice paper there and let it be until it’s soft. Take out and spread on another, big plate. .

5. Start by placing the fillings below of the central line of the rice paper. Turn the on top of the fillings, then the sides, and roll some more, until you have a nice Vietnamese roll on your hands. Keep on rolling, until you have nice and delicious pile of rolls.

6. Enjoy the rolls with the tasty, protein rich sauces. Oh so good!

Vietnamise veggie rolls with lentil-peanut sauce and thai-hummus dip

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