Sweet potato toast with butternut squash hummus

Sweet potato toast with butternut squash hummus

Sweet potato toasts were a huge social media phenomenon a while a go, and as they really are just genius snack idea, I do those frequently myself. It’s so easy to replace toast with it, and sweet potato also makes a great substitute for pizza crust. It doesn’t of course have gluten, and it’s perfect for paleo followers as well. The flavor of sweet potato is mild enough, so it does justice for the toppings or spreads used – important in this recipe as well, where the spread is really the thing!

This recipe combines many of my favorite ingredients: sweet potato, butternut squash, tahini (I just love tahini!), garlic, cumin and radishes. These toasts are rich in taste and perfect for a nicer breakfast or a brunch. And by the way, with them you get a really nice start for the daily intake of veggies, almost unnoticed!

Sweet potato toast with butternut squash hummus

The spread is actually so good, that it’s hard to believe that it consists only a few ingredients, and no animal products whatsoever. The spread would most probably go well with pasta or as a spread for other dished as well, so it’s versatile for sure. Actually I’m already waiting for tomorrow morning, since I still have some spread left, and normal, gluten free toast in the freezer – it’s going to be delicious with them as well, hmm and yum. (My boyfriend is by the way always laughing at my habit to think about food like all the time – even when I’ve just finished eating, or still in the middle of a dish, hah. I’m lucky I love veggies, feel good food and natural sweeteners, otherwise I might be in trouble, haha!)

Sweet potato toast with butternut squash hummus

Actually I’m not sure if this recipe should be called hummus at all, since it doesn’t have chick peas or other legumes at all. The final result is still “hummus-like” as are the other ingredients, so I decided to borrow the name from this traditional recipe. This butternut squash hummus is actually a great choice for people who have trouble digesting legumes or doesn’t want them in their diet, and especially great choice right now when the butternut squash is in season.

Warm recommendation for this spread – with sweet potato, or just regular toast – it’s delicious!

Tuulia xx

Sweet potato toast with butternut squash hummus

Sweet potato toast witn butternut squash hummus, radishes and sprouts

1 biggish sweet potato
olive oil

approx 700g butternut squash
1 smallish beetroot
5-6 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp virgin olive oil
3 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 fresh chili (to taste)
1/3 tsp salt
1 tsp cumin


1. Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Peel the sweet potato and cut into thin slides. Put the pieces to baking tray (covered with baking sheet) and sprinkle oliv oil on top, and a little bit of salt.

2. Peel the butternut squash and split it. Hollow the seeds out with a spoon and cut it into small pieces, spread on another baking tray (with baking sheet). Peel also the beetroot and cut it into even smaller pieces (it takes longer time to cook). Sprinkle oil on top and some salt. Roast the pieces until they have some colour and are soft. At the same time, bake the “toasts”.

2. Blend all the other ingredients together in big bowl.

3. When the butterbut squash and beet are baked, add the into the bowl as well. Mash them with the other ingredients with a hand blender, until the spread is smooth. Check the flavor, and add spices if needed.

4. When the sweet potato toasts are ready, take them out of the oven and spread the hummus on top. Slice the radishes and serve with them and sprouts. Enjoy your healty breakfast or snack!

Sweet potato toast with butternut squash hummus

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