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Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey

Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey / Wellberries

Eggplant with lemon, ginger, honey and quinoa, capers, cilantro and chili – doesn’t it sound good? I think so too, and I make this dish quite frequently – almost every time when I find it hard to think what we should have for dinner, I end up making this dish. It’s easy, tasty, fresh, nutritious, totally plant based and doesn’t require too much time or special ingredients – and very, very nice!

Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey / Wellberries

Last time when I was cooking this, it hit me: even thought this is one of my favorite foods, I never had shared it with you guys! What a shame, I thought, and decided to fix this fact asap. So, here we go then!

This recipe is of course gluten and dairy free, and suitable also for vegans, if you substitute the honey with maple syrup. It combines my favorite ingredients, and if you like them separately, I can almost promise that you’ll love this recipe as well! Lemon and capers bring some nice acidity to the dish, there’s some sweetness thanks to honey (maple syrup), and it’s just spicy enough, thanks to the chili, and all of them together completes the flavor of eggplant. This all will be served with nutritious quinoa and sesame seeds. Delicious! And one more thing: the recipe is quite easy as well, so no special needs or experience needed here!

Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey / Wellberries

I know, big words for a recipe, but this time well deserved – try it yourself, then you’ll know!

I hope you will remember this recipe next time when wondering along grocery store aisles, thinking desperately what to have for dinner – it for sure has saved many of my days from boring meals!

Tuulia xx

Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey / Wellberries

Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey

for two

one big eggplant

2 cloves of garlic
1-2 cm fresh ginger
0,5-1 tl ground cumin
1/2 small fresh chili
1 small organic lemon (also the peel will be used)
2 tbsp honoy or maple syrup
sesame seeds
virgin coconut oil for frying


2 dl quinoa
approx 25 grams of small capers
black pepper

fresh cilantro

1. Slice the eggplants, and put themfor example on a baking sheet. Sprinkle some salt on top, and let be for about 20 minutes.

2. Meanwhile prepare quinoa: rinse well, and boil according to the direction on the package.

3. Crush garlic and chili, grate ginger and the peel of the lemon.

4. When quinoa is done, tear the cilantro into it, sprinke some salt and pepper, and add capers.

5. Pat the eggplants dry, and fry until golden brown. Take away from the pan.

6. Prepare the food in two batches; add some oil to the pan, along with garlic and cumin. Fry for a second. Add then the eggplants and ginger, honey, chili, peel and juice of the lemon. Let simmer for a moment. Do the same for the second batch.

7. When all the eggplant slices have been baked, serve them with quinoa, and spinkle some seeds on top along with cilantro. Enjoy!

Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey / Wellberries


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