Few Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancake (GF, vegan, nut-free)

Hi friends, it’s been a while! I hope all is well and you’re doing great. I’ve been really busy working with a book project (can’t wait for the launch in May!), but I’m hoping to have more time for blogging as well from now on. Fingers crossed! And as I’ve been busy (as I’m sure many of you guys are too!) the need for super-easy treats is ongoing. This gluten-free sweet potato pancake is something worth trying for sure, if you’re looking for something easy, but still nutritious and yummy to brighten up your day.

The traditional Finnish pancake is made in the oven, and even though I love pancakes cooked on the stovetop in a skillet as well, this Finnish version in the oven is definetely easier: just mix the ingredients, pour into an oven tray and pop into the oven for about 20 minutes, and you’re done!

You can of course serve the pancake from the tray, but this time I wanted to make things a little bit sweeter: I used a hearth-shaped cookie cutter to make small pancake hearts.

The ingredient list for these gluten-free vegan pancakes is short as well. This time I used durra flour (also known as sorghum), but you can use any gluten-free flour. White rice flour would probably be the closest to the original wheat version of this pancake, but many other flours are more nutrient rich: try for example buckwheat flour, if you don’t have durra at hand.

But hey, that’s not all! This recipe has even more sweet things – I’m sure you noticed the toppings! The pancake needs some toppings of course, and this time I served them with whipped coconut cream – the pink one is coloured with beetroot juice powder (it’s my favorite!) and green matcha powder. Yum..

The recipe for sweet potato pancake is gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan as well. And it has no nuts either, so it’s suitable for many. The sweet potato adds mild sweetness, and when the sweet potato puree is done, the rest of the baking is really just mixing the few ingredients together. My toddler loves to help me in the kitchen, and this recipe has been really popular as she can assist me with mixing things, and absolutely loves the pancakes too. The recipe has been tested oh so many times, and is family approved, for sure!

You can of course serve the pancake from the oven tray and cut it into normal pieces – no cookie cutter required, if not in need of extra cuteness, ha.

Wishing you some sweet pancake moments,
Tuulia xx

Gluten-free sweet potato pancake 
(about 18 cm x 25 cm oven tray)

2 dl durra flour or buckwheat flour (or other gluten free flour / flour mix)
1 Tbsp psyllium
1 dl mashed sweet potato
3 dl creamy coconut milk + 2 medjool dates (pitted) OR other plant based milk + 4 dates
1 tsp cardamom
hint of salt

1. Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Prepare the sweet potato mash: peel, cut into pieces and boil the pieces until soft. Mash.
2. Mix the dry ingredients together. Put coconut milk into a blender with dates and mix until smooth. Mix the wet ingredients to the dry ones.
NB. if you use other plant based milk than creamy coconut, you’ll need a couple of dates more.
3. Cover the oven tray with parchment paper, and pour the dough into it.
4. Bake for around 20 minutes, or until the pancake seems to be done. Let it cool down before serving.

1-2 cans of coconut milk stored in the fridge – use the creamy part
1-2 tsp beetroot juice powder
1 tsp matcha powder
maple syrup

1. Separate the creamy part of the coconut milk can(s). Divide into two bowls. Mix beetroot juice powder, for the other mix match. NB: matcha powder is quite strong – maybe not for the little ones of the family.
2. Decorate the pancakes and serve with fresh berries.

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