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Roasted Mango with Licorice

Roasted Mango with Licorice Roasted Mango with Licorice
Thank you internet, thank you tasty and delicious ripe mangos!

A while ago I bumped into an easy dessert recipe that I instantly knew I had to try out. It was called “mango brulee” and had only a few ingredients: one main ingredient being of course mango.

I’ve noticed that quite regularly I get a crush on an ingredient, and the crushes are a bit like summer romances: usually quite short (until I get a new crush, ha) but deep: at the moment I’m having a serious mango-crush, and I’ve been using them literally every day for a while. Before mangoes there was many, and I mean many, other ingredient/food-crushes: a few years ago I was totally in love with raw cakes. I made them weekly, and tried new recipes and flavor combinations one after another. Then along came coconut, in many, many forms: whipped coconut cream, coconut yoghurt, coconut smoothies, shredded coconut.. You name it! Then for I while I was all about oat. It was a longer romance, and it’s still going quite strong: i love oatgurt, oat puddings, porridges, to mention a few.

At the moment I have a serious crush on raw licorice powder, too! I could add it to everything, and quite often I do. Like for example on top of these roasted mangoes.

They turned out really, really nice. I hope you’ll love them too!
tuulia xx

Roasted Mango with Licorice

Roasted Licorice Mangoes 

for two

2 ripe mangoes
raw licorice powder (about 1/2 tsp for each)

1. Turn on the broiler and heat the oven to 250 degrees (celsius).
2. Cut through the mango on both sides of the pit as evenly as possible (place the mango lengthwise towards you).
3. Add the licorice powder.
4. Line a baking sheet with foil. Roast the mangoes for about 15 minutes, until the color is beautiful and the mangoes are soft and nice.
5. Enjoy as they are or for example with whipped coconut cream. Divine!

Roasted Mango with Licorice

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