The Best of the Month

Hello, friends, and welcome to the first post of a new “The Best of the Month” blog post series. In this series, I will update you on the most inspiring, interesting and nicest things that I bump into: eco-friendly products and services, natural cosmetic, nontoxic solutions, lovely products: whatever I actually feel like sharing with you guys. I regularly get opportunities to see and try out new products, or read something important or interesting, and I’ve found myself thinking how great it would be to share these things with you too! To dedicate a posting for each of the things would be too time consuming, and maybe not even very interesting, so please find the solution below -The Best of the Month. I hope you’ll find it pleasing and interesting, too!

Pela Case

Pelacase - myrkytön ekokuori puhelimeen

I ordered my phone case from Etsy a few months back, after I got a new phone. I actually ordered the case without thinking any further: I saw a really pretty plastic case and just added  it into my cart. The case was really, really nice, and it came directly from a girl who was making and painting them. After using it for a while I suddenly realised that I had no idea whether the case was actually safe: if it contained PBA, phtalates or other toxic chemicals. I contacted the seller, and after receiving an answer saying the she didn’t know anything concerning these matters, I got rid of the case. I have to admit that I wasn’t very proud of myself: I’m super strict when it comes to using plastic products in the kitchen or in clothing, but with phone case I forgot to check the facts.

I started googling, and soon I found a solution for me: Pela Case. This phone case is eco-friendly, and free from PBA, lead and cadmium anf phtalates. It’s made from plant-based materials, and like this wasn’t enough, it’s also 100% compostable. Amazing!

Oh yes, and it’s pretty too, feels nice and soft and protects your phone. A real phone case of the future – like they all should be! The company also donates at least 1% of the profits to environmental non-profit groups. This all makes me one happy Pelacase user!

In case this piqued your interest, go and grab a discount code here. You get 20% off your purchase, and I get a $3 credit per order. But I don’t get the credit for my personal use, because Pela Case forwards all their credits to charity – really nice. So if you’re looking for a sustainable phone case, this one might be the one for you too!

Life Body & Soul 

I got to try out new products Life novelties, in particular from their Body and Soul – product family. Life is a health food and products retail store chain (where I actually used to work myself a few years ago), with stores in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

And they have lovely products! Just look at them: so pretty.

The product family’s package design is more than nice, the products are good quality, and designed for a Scandinavian (needy) skin. The products have a COSMOS-certificate meaning that 95-100% of the ingredients are from natural origin. Some of the products have preservatives, but even those are natural  – and naturally the products are free from hormone disturbing chemicals or ingredients that could harm the environment.

This is all very important, but if the products don’t work, who cares, right? Well, luckily the products do work, and the almond rose scent that I got to try out is really, really nice. The soap looks cool in the bathroom, and the hand cream is handy in the bag, and guess what? The deodorant really seems to work. This is something not to be taken for granted when it comes to natural cosmetics, ha!

A warm recommendation: spoil your skin!

Arctic Warriors

For a long time now I’ve been admiring the brand image and the products by Finnish Arctic Warriors. What a great concept! I got to test their Kerkkä, a spruce sprout powder, and oh my, what a product! The taste and the scents are both lovely, and they take you back to the forest in no time. Spruce sprouts have antioxidants, vitamin A and C, and the powder very easy to use: use sprinkle it on top of smoothie bowls, porridges, etc!

I also tried two other products of theirs, and they’re pretty amazing as well! These are only available in Finnish so far, but Like Kerkkä, they’re made of potent arctic herbs as well, and they give you strenght and resistance – something we really need living here up North!

So there you go, a few examples of nicest products I’ve bumped into lately! In the Finnish version I also give some suggestions how to do charity on the local level – in Helsinki, where I live, we have a great opporturnity to help poor families through a Facebook page, which connects people in need for help, to those who would like to help.

I spent one Saturday a couple of weeks ago shopping (healthy!) groceries and hygiene products for a couple of unfortunate families, and got so much out of being able to help others. If you have anything similar where you live, please don’t hesitate to help – giving to others is one of the biggest joys, and when it’s direct help, you know exactly where your money goes.

Take care,
tuulia xx

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  1. Indian Eagle
    10.4.2017 at 13:34 (6 years ago)

    Indian eagle congratulates you for making a progress in your blogs. Your information are really worthy…


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