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Chickpea Blondies with Lucuma

Chickpea Blondies with Lucuma

Hello friends, I hope your week has started smoothly! <3

Easter time with all the chocolate is of course delicious, but sometimes even a bit too much: at least I’ve noticed that I’m craving a little lighter and not so chocolatey treats, thanks to Easter feasting. Everyone knows brownies for sure, but what about blondies, are you familiar with them?

At least here in Finland brownies are more known, but blondies are just as lovely, if you ask me. If I has to choose which one is nicer, I might even choose blondies over brownies! I know, big words, but it might just be so. Blondies are a bit lighter but never too light. These chickpea blondies are sticky and lovely but not too sweet. It’s actually very easy to eat more than one of these and still feel like having one – you have been warned, ha!

Chickpea Blondies with Lucuma

But this time when you’re eating too many blondies the case is actually not so bad, because at the same time you’re actually eating chickpeas, sweet potato and dates, which all have health benefits and are nutritious. Not bad, or what you think?

These gluten free chick pea blondies are served with lovely coconut cream and of my favorite sauces: lucuma caramel sauce. It has two ingredients (+salt) and is so good – like caramel sauce, but instead of sugar and cream, it’s made of lucuma fruit and coconut oil. And it’s divine!

So let’s continue to the recipe itself – the lovey chickpea blondies are waiting!
tuulia xx

Chickpea Blondies with LucumaChickpea Blondies with LucumaChickpea Blondies (gluten free, dairy free, vegan) 

makes abut six pieces

about 300 g packet of ready to eat chick peas
about 200 g sweet potato
20 pieces fresh medjool dates
0,75 dl ghee or coconut oil (if vegan)
0,75 dl plant based mikl

about 0,5 tl vanilla powder
about  0,5 tl salt
about 0,5 tl cardamom
0,5 dl durraflour (or other gluten free flour)
0,5 dl lucuma powder
1 tlbaking powder
0,5 tl salt

Lucuma sauce (caramel sauce):
n. 0,5 dl virgin coconut oil (melted)
n. 0,6 – 0,75 dl lucuma powder
hint of salt

coconut cream for serving

1. Heat the oven to 200 degrees.

2. Make the pureed sweet potato: peel and boil the sweet potato pieces. When ready and soft, rinse with cold water and add into a blender (a powerful hand blender will do just fine as as well). Rinse the chickpeas well too, and add to blender as well, along with melted oil and plant based milk. Pit the dates and add them to the blender too. Mix until smooth.

3. Mix the dry ingredients and the add the wet ones to them mix smooth.

4. Put a parchment sheet paper into a oven pan, spoon up the dough into it and bake for about 45 minutes or so.

5. Let the treat cool down well (important and the hardest part!). While it’s cooling down you can prepare the lucuma caramel sauce: just melt the oil and add lucumapowder and salt, mix it and it’s ready!

6. Serve the gluten free chickpea blondies with whipped coconut cream and lucuma sauce. Please notice, that coconut oil gets hard in under 25 degrees, so if you put it into the freezer, it’ll get hard. Store it in a bowl that is easy to reheat or eat it all at once! 🙂

Chickpea Blondies with Lucuma

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