Licorice-date bliss balls

Licorice date bliss balls

Licorice date bliss balls

In the last blog posting we were enjoying porridge all day, so maybe now it’s time to move directly into dessert-section!

These licorice-date bliss balls are incredibly easy, almost too easy one could say! While making these I found myself wondering how it is even possibly to make something this divine using only few ingredients? These licorice-date bliss balls make you forget candy even ever existed, haha!

I got the inspiration from I Finnish blog called Viimeistä murua myöten, where Saara was making even more simple version of these babies. When I saw the recipe I knew that it was a must try, but in the end I added some crushed seeds into the bliss ball dough. I love everything crunchy, and made this recipe for Urtekram, using their organic sun flower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Lovely!

I love the fact that seeds bring some nutritional value to the treats as well, but also makes you to chew them – this helps the digestion, too!

Licorice date bliss balls

Licorice date bliss balls

These licorice-date bliss balls are soft and a bit chewy, gluten free of course and vegan as well. I coated them with same strong licorice powder they have inside as well, and used also some beetroot juice powder. The beetroot juice powder has a pretty colour and a lovely taste, but doesn’t do so well with the humidity of a fridge – that is why I recomment skipping this powder, if you’re planning to keep the treats in the fridge longer: the licorice powder is better for that!

The treats don’t have any solid fats to keep them hard, so they might get a bit soft – don’t store these in room temperature, or at least pop the into the freezer for a moment before serving. This way they are lovely, nice and a bit chewy.

I hope you’ll love the recipe – I’m totally in love myself!
Tuulia ♥

Licorice date bliss balls

Licorice-date bliss balls

15 soft medjool-dates, pitted
2-3 Tbsp strong raw licorice powder
5 Tbsp sunflower seeds
5 Tbsp pumpkin seeds

For coating:
raw licorice powder
(beetroot juice powder, other berry powders)

1. Spoon the seeds into a blender, and ground them.

2. Add the pitted dates. Mix until smooth.

3. Spoon the dough into a bowl and put into a freezer for about 20 minutes. It’s ready when you can easily make small balls out of it.

4. Coat the bliss balls with powders you have chosen. Eat right away, or store in fridge / freezer. If you keep the in freezer, take them out a while before serving them. Enjoy!

Licorice date bliss balls This recipe was made in co-operation with Urtekram.

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