Gluten free and vegan butternut squash pancakes

Hi again, lovely, after a break! I’m back, after a busy Autumn: we launched a new meal planning service with my friend and I’ve been really busy with the launch and all. We had change to visit two different live radio shows (exciting!!), have been giving some interviews and so on – really nice and it’s been simply amazing how much positive attention we have received for our service, Vegmeals (at the moment only in Finnish).

But now I’m back, and I didn’t come empty handed: I have some lovely, and I mean lovely, pancakes for you!

These gluten free and vegan butternut squash pancakes are simply the best! Delicious, easy, good ingredients (no refined sugar obviously) and so pretty too, when served with berry powders and coconut yogurt!

I made these pancakes for my little girl yesterday: she had a bit of fever and had to stay at home for the day. We mixed the ingredients together, and after that she concentrated on playing with pecan nuts and two jars, and I baked the pancakes. When the pancakes were ready we had a small pancake feast just between the two of us, and it made the day instantly better!

So, these gluten free butternut squash pancakes are totally family approved – I hope you’ll love them too.

Tuulia ♥

Gluten free and vegan butternut squash pancakes 

about 15 small pancakes

2 dl coconut milk
4 fresh dates, pitted
2 dl pureed butternut squash (around 200 g butternut squash steamed and mashed)
2 dl oat flour
n. 0,5 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
n. 0,5 dl water
virgin coconut oil

For serving: coconut yogurt, berry powders, berries, raw chocolate

1. Put the coconut milk and dates into a blender and mix unti smooth.
2. Mix the dry ingredients, and add the coconut-date milk and pureed butternut squash. Mix well.
3. Add the water slowly, until the dough is thick, but easy to mix.
4. Bake the pancakes with low heat with coconut oil. The pancakes are ready to be turned, when they get a little bit of color and move easily on the pan. Turn around, and bake until ready.
5. Mix the berry powders into the (plant based) yougurt, and decorate the pancakes as you wish. Enjoy!

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