Gluten Free, Vegan Breakfast Burritos

I had these breakfast burritos a couple of days ago, and actually for lunch! Either way, for breakkie or for something else, they’re delicious, nutritious and filling! The recipe is from my friend’s Hanna’s lovely cookbook called Kasvis. The name means actually vegetable, and tells a lot about the book: it’s a great combination of veggie recipes for almost everyone! The recipes are quite simple (which is great!) but at the same time inspirational for someone who’s more experience with veggie recipes already.

The first recipes that tempted me were the Breakfast Burritos, and that is why I decided to give them a try. I also had got some BFree’s tortillas to try, so the timing was perfect. BFree’s tortillas are free from wheat, gluten, egg and dairy, and instead they have quinoa, sweet potato and other good ingredients.

The whole book is pretty, and filled with different flavors and ways to use veggies. Hanna herself is a chef, so she knows what she’s doing – clearly! We usually eat smoothies or porridges for breakfast, but who knows, maybe some day I’ll make these tortillas for brekkie as well – would be a great was to start a day, too! Beans combined to “scrambled tofu”, lime and coriander and other lovely flavors play well together and are served with creamy oat “creme fraiche” and avocaodos – yumm.

So, the recipe below is straight from the book “Kasvis”, by talented Hanna Hurtta! ✨

Have a great new week,

Gluten Free Breakfast Burritos

serves four

4 gluten free (for example BFree) tortillas
2 avokados
vegan creme fraice

Scrambled tofu:
300 g tofu
1-2 Tbsp oil
1/2 tl turmeric
1/2 tl ground cumin
1/2 tl ground paprika
1/2 tl ground dried ginger
1/2 tl grounf coriander
salt, black pepper
2 Tbspl fresh parsley

Black bean salsa:
1/2 red onion
1/2 red bell pepper
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 bunch of fresh coriander
2 dl boiled black beans
2 Tpsp olive oil
1/2 lime’s juice
1/2 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp ground cumin
salt, black pepper

1. First prepare the black bean salsa. Peel and dice the onion, together with bell pepper. Fine the garlic and coriander. Mix them and all the rest ingredients, and spice up. Put into fridge for a moment.
2. Dry the tofu with kitchen cloth. Crumble it with hands. Heat some oil on a pan, and fry the tofu with  the spices until the tofu has got some color. Add parsley.
3. Heat up the tortillas and fill them up them with scrambled tofu, avokado and oat creme fraiche. Enjoy right away.

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