Zesty and Super Green Smoothie

Zesty Super Green Smoothie

Hey lovely, for the first time this year! Maybe you, as well, are in need of something super green, nutritious and refreshing? If so, scroll down, I promise this smoothie is what you’ve been looking for!

Our new year didn’t start as good as it could’ve, and yesterday we ended up spending nearly 2,5 hours in our car, the the middle of nowhere, as the engine stopped working for some reason. You might think that 2,5 hours is not that long, but I can tell you that it is, if the day is getting dark, the car is cold and you have a hungry two-year-old waiting with you, ha! While waiting for a rental car and looking food from our bags (thank god we had some crispy bread and ghee with us for her!) I started to dream about green smoothie (and wished I would never travel anywhere without heaps of nutritious snacks) and decided to make one as soon as we would get home.

But well, the whole travel ended up taking us nine (!) hours instead of three and a half, so it was late when we arrived home. The dreamy smoothie had to be postponed. But only for the night! And I can tell you it was worth all the wait.

Zesty Super Green Smoothie

This smoothie is filled with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and all the the stuff you can imagine. And in addition to all this, it’s also super delicious, zesty, refreshing and filling – so good! Great for lunch, snack, breakfast or when in stuck in your broken car, ha.

So in case you, also, are in need of something super green and good, keep on reading my dear – this green super smoothie is easy to make and cheers you up for sure, if in need! Wishing you lovely year and I hope yours started better than mine did, haha!

Take care love, Tuulia


Zesty Super Green Smoothie

Zesty Super Green Smoothie 

for two

big handful of baby spinach
1 big avocado
2 big leaves of kale
about 5 cm piece of fresh pineapple, peeled and diced
handful of frozen mango
couple of Tbsp lemon juice
water, until the texture is perfect

Put all the ingredients into a blender, add some water and mix, and add a bit more water while mixing, until the texture is just right. Then, you’re all set – enjoy!

Zesty Super Green Smoothie

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