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Gluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridge

gluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridgegluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridge

The weather is getting cold and colder every day as we’re approaching long and dark winter here in the north. About the weather I’m not so crazy about, but I do love comforting winter food and porridges! Now if ever is the perfect time to enjoy some spicy and warming dishes, like this lovely hot coconut oat porridge seasoned with chai tea and rosemary. (Actually the first snow is falling as we speak, but not as beautiful, fluffy white flakes, but more in the form of wet sleet. I’m craving to have this porridge, hah!)

Along with other Asennemedia’s bloggers I’ve been creating recipes to one of my favorite brands, Urtekram. All the recipes I’ve created have been tasty and nice, but this one might be my favorite: the porridge is easy, it has only a few ingredients, and it’s almost like a dessert even though it’s still a porridge and totally suitable for an evening snack.

gluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridgegluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridge

The Hari-teas are organic, delicious (the flavors are really strong) and the packages are beutiful. The brand has been created by same people who have been working with Yogi-tea brand as well, and all the variants are based on strong spice mix. The filosophy behing the products is based on ayuerveda and the packages have recommendations for body types – this part I just skipped thought, since the chai variant was just perfect for the porridge.

So I cooked my porridge with coconut and rice milk. Coconut milk was first sweetened with dates, and rice milk boiled and stewed with chai tea and some fresh rosemary. The spicy scent of the porridge floated around the kitchen, and I was sold. Just perfect comfort food for the cold winter! I hope you’ll love it too!

Stay warm, Tuulia xx

gluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridge

Gluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridge

2 dl gluten free rolled oats
2 dl coconut milk
4 medjool dates (pitted)
3 dl plant based milk
3 bags of chai-tea
1 fresh rosemary spring

pecan nuts

1. Put coconut milk and pitted dates into blender. Blend until smooth.

2. Put plant based milk into a kettle with rosemary spring, and heat up until boiling. Remove from the stove and add tea bags. Let brew at least 15 minutes or when the plant based milk tastes strong enough.

3. Remove both tea bags and rosemary from the kettle, and pour coconut”caramel” in along with rolled oats. Boil, until the porridge is ready.

4. Cut the pomegranate open by first removing the “cap”. Use knife to make 3-4 long cuts and tear the parts away from each other. Separate the seeds.

5. Decorate the porridge with the seeds and pecan nuts. Enjoy! ✨

gluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridge

The recipe was created in co-operation with Urtekram, but the opinions are always my own.


Sweet potato toast with butternut squash hummus

Sweet potato toast with butternut squash hummus

Sweet potato toasts were a huge social media phenomenon a while a go, and as they really are just genius snack idea, I do those frequently myself. It’s so easy to replace toast with it, and sweet potato also makes a great substitute for pizza crust. It doesn’t of course have gluten, and it’s perfect for paleo followers as well. The flavor of sweet potato is mild enough, so it does justice for the toppings or spreads used – important in this recipe as well, where the spread is really the thing!

This recipe combines many of my favorite ingredients: sweet potato, butternut squash, tahini (I just love tahini!), garlic, cumin and radishes. These toasts are rich in taste and perfect for a nicer breakfast or a brunch. And by the way, with them you get a really nice start for the daily intake of veggies, almost unnoticed!

Sweet potato toast with butternut squash hummus

The spread is actually so good, that it’s hard to believe that it consists only a few ingredients, and no animal products whatsoever. The spread would most probably go well with pasta or as a spread for other dished as well, so it’s versatile for sure. Actually I’m already waiting for tomorrow morning, since I still have some spread left, and normal, gluten free toast in the freezer – it’s going to be delicious with them as well, hmm and yum. (My boyfriend is by the way always laughing at my habit to think about food like all the time – even when I’ve just finished eating, or still in the middle of a dish, hah. I’m lucky I love veggies, feel good food and natural sweeteners, otherwise I might be in trouble, haha!)

Sweet potato toast with butternut squash hummus

Actually I’m not sure if this recipe should be called hummus at all, since it doesn’t have chick peas or other legumes at all. The final result is still “hummus-like” as are the other ingredients, so I decided to borrow the name from this traditional recipe. This butternut squash hummus is actually a great choice for people who have trouble digesting legumes or doesn’t want them in their diet, and especially great choice right now when the butternut squash is in season.

Warm recommendation for this spread – with sweet potato, or just regular toast – it’s delicious!

Tuulia xx

Sweet potato toast with butternut squash hummus

Sweet potato toast witn butternut squash hummus, radishes and sprouts

1 biggish sweet potato
olive oil

approx 700g butternut squash
1 smallish beetroot
5-6 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp virgin olive oil
3 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 fresh chili (to taste)
1/3 tsp salt
1 tsp cumin


1. Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Peel the sweet potato and cut into thin slides. Put the pieces to baking tray (covered with baking sheet) and sprinkle oliv oil on top, and a little bit of salt.

2. Peel the butternut squash and split it. Hollow the seeds out with a spoon and cut it into small pieces, spread on another baking tray (with baking sheet). Peel also the beetroot and cut it into even smaller pieces (it takes longer time to cook). Sprinkle oil on top and some salt. Roast the pieces until they have some colour and are soft. At the same time, bake the “toasts”.

2. Blend all the other ingredients together in big bowl.

3. When the butterbut squash and beet are baked, add the into the bowl as well. Mash them with the other ingredients with a hand blender, until the spread is smooth. Check the flavor, and add spices if needed.

4. When the sweet potato toasts are ready, take them out of the oven and spread the hummus on top. Slice the radishes and serve with them and sprouts. Enjoy your healty breakfast or snack!

Sweet potato toast with butternut squash hummus

Layered chia pudding with a little bit of everything ✨

Layered chia pudding with a little bit of everything

Finally we’re at our new home, after long spring and some unfortunate events, that extended our renovation with almost a month. Even though I’m sitting here between boxes and bags, I’m more than happy: it’s just great to be here after living at my parents place (oh yes). When I look outside of the window, the greenness greets me and I must admit that this is what I’ve been missing while living almost in the centre of Helsinki. Luckily we’re still quite close to my favourite parts of the city, but closer to nature as well.

The first thing I started unpacking was of course kitchen: how I had missed my Vitamix! I was graving many things, and ended up making a layered chia pudding, with a little bit of everything: raspberries, turmeric, raw licorice, oat yogurt, lemon balm, ginger, avokado, peeled hemp seeds.. You name it!

It might sound a bit peculiar, but I can assure you, that the layers play well with each other. The raspberries and licorice are quite sweet, but  just perfect when combined with the topping of lemon palm and apple, and the lowest part with oat yogurt and turmeric balances the flavors nicely. I added some black pepper to the lowest part as well, to increase the bioavailability of the turmeric – after this spring I really need all the goodness turmeric has to offer, haha.

From here it’s good to start the summer holiday: tomorrow we’re off to our summer cottage, where I will spend time in the nature, enjoy the sauna, swimming and sup boarding, and hopefully will have some time for reading as well. And spend some quality time with family, of course.

And guess what! I actually heard some wild rumours, that the blueberries are starting to be ready soon – can’t wait.

Hoping some relaxing moments to you too,

Layered chia pudding with a little bit of everything

Layered chia pudding ”with a little bit of everything” 

for two

1st layer:
1 dl oat yougurt
2 tbsp chia seeds
n. 1/4 tsp ginger powder
n. 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
pinch of black pepper
1 tsp honey (vegan: maple or coconut syrup)

2nd layer:
2-3 dl fresh raspberries (or melted wild raspberries)
1-2 tbsp chia seeds
0,5 dl coconut milk
1-2 tsp raw licorice powder
1 medjool date

3 rd layer:
1/2 bunch of fresh lemon balm
1/2 dl peeled hemp seeds
1/2 avokado
1 dl oat yougurt
0,25 dl coconut milk
1/2 green apple

on top: lemon balm, bee pollen (vegaani; leave the bee pollen out)

1. Make the 1st layer: mix everything together by hand in a small bowl.

2. Make the 2nd layer: mix everything togerther in a blender, blend until smooth. (Remember to take the date seed away)

3. Make the 3rd layer in a blender as well (clean the blender before): mix everything until smooth.

4. Spoon the layers carefully on top of each other, sprinke some bee pollen and lemon balm leaves on top. Enjoy ✨Layered chia pudding with a little bit of everything

Tropical oat yogurt with mango and lemon

Tropical mango-lemon oat porridgeTropical mango-lemon oat porridge

Oh, once again I started the day with my current favourite breakfast. I just love oat “yogurt”, that can be easily made from oat flakes in a blender. I’ve tried this dairy free, vegan “oatgurt” in many flavors, and this tropical mango lemon variant is one of the best ones, in my opinion. The flavor is slightly sour, but sweet at the same time, thanks to mango. Oats blended with coconut milk brings softness along, and the combination of these gives the day a lovely start!

We’re again talking about a breakfast that is not only delicious, but also easy and effortless to make. Just add and blend the ingredients together in a blender night before, pop in fridge and when you get up, your brekkie is already waiting for you. Handy, isn’t it?

Tropical mango-lemon oat porridge

Enjoy your oat yogurt with berries on top, or with seeds and bee pollen, like I did. It’s actually quite nice to have something crunchy with the yogurt, to give you something to chew on too. Like this the digestion gets to work the way it’s supposed to do, plus the toppings give the yogurt a nice texture as well.

In terms of flavor the oat yogurt is good to go without toppings, so don’t worry if you have nothing to sprinkle on top – thanks to mango and lemon, it’s just lovely anyways!


✨ Please notice that this recipe is missing the beneficial flora that yogurt usually have, ’cause I’ve cut some corners and the oat yogurt is not fermented. So remember to enjoy your probiotics in some other form! ✨

Tropical mango-lemon oat porridge

Tropical “oatgurt” with mango and lemon 

serves two

2 dl gluten free oat flakes
2 dl creamy coconut milk
2 dl plant based milk of choise
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 fresh mango
juice of one smallish lemon

1. Put the oat flakes in to a blender.

2. Add coconut- and the other plant based milk, plus the chia seeds. Blend until smooth.

3. Peel the mango and add it into blender, along with the lemon juice. Blend on high speed for a moment, until the texture is smooth and nice.

4. Pour the “oatgurt” into a bowl and put into freezer. Let be there over night.

5. In the morning, the “oatgurt” is ready. Serve with chosen toppings and enjoy! ✨

Tropical mango-lemon oat porridge Tropical mango-lemon oat porridge


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