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Dreamy Fruit Pizza with Caramel Sauce (gluten free, vegan)

Dreamy Fruit Pizza with Caramel Sauce (gluten free, vegan)

For a moment now I’ve been dreaming of sweet  fruit and berry pizza. I’ve been browsing Pinterest & Instagram, drooling over delicious pictures while planning how my sweet pizza would look and taste like.. Most of the sweet pizzas are chocolate ones, but for some reason I’ve noticed that I was dreaming of caramel-like pizza, with lucuma”caramel”mousse and lucuma caramel sauce, with heaps of berries and fruits on top.

I sweetened the base with only banana, for it to be a bit sweet but not too much, since the lucuma-caramel toppings would be sweet enough. Lucuma might actually be one of my favorite superfood powders of all time: it’s versatile, and the caramel taste (when combined with coconut oil or cream) is just lovely, but in the end of the day you’re still eating a fruit, only in dried and powdered form! I use lucuma almost every day, and lately have noticed that most often combined with strong raw licorice, like in these Licorice-Date Fudges or in these Lucuma Blondies, Oh and these Mulberry Lucuma Candies are simply divine!

Dreamy Fruit Pizza with Caramel Sauce (gluten free, vegan)

I chose all the lovely, fresh and sweet berries and fruits on top, and the result with caramel mousse and caramel sauce was delicious! A perfect dessert, or a pretty queen of a brunch menu. By changing the fruits and berries you can variate the taste of the pizza almost endlessly, and follow the seasons of fruits and berries, too!

Oh and thanks to the coconut flour the pizza is high in fibre, and thanks to the berries and fruits, it’s full of vitamins, antioxidants, and all the good stuff.


Dreamy Fruit Pizza with Caramel Sauce (gluten free, vegan)

Dreamy Fruit Pizza with Caramel Sauce (gluten free, vegan)

serves four-six

pizza base:
1 dl rice or other mild gluten free flour
about 0,5 dl coconut flour
1 ripe banana
about 2 dl oatmilk (or other plant based milk)
1 Tbsp psyllium
hint of salt
0,5 tsp ceylonin cinnamon
1 tsp baking powder
2 Tbsp virgin coconut oil (melted)

Lucuma mousse:
1 dl oat jogurt
1 dl coconut yogurt / cream
about 1,5 dl lucuma powder
1-2 Tbsp maple syrup (or honey)

“caramel” sauce:
about 0,5 dl virgin coconut oil, melted
about 0,75 dl lucuma powder
hint of salt

1. Heat the oven to 200 degrees (Celcius)
2. Mix all the dr ingredients
3. Mash the banana, and mix with milk. Add to dry mix together with coconut oil. Mix well. (There is sometimes differences between coconut flours, so you might need to adjust the amount of milk or flours.)
5. Bake for about 30 minutes, or until the pizza base has got some color and it comes of easily from the parchment paper. Let cool down.
7. Prepare the mousse: mix all the ingredients together and set aside for a moment.
8. Mix all the ingredients for the caramel sauce, and if needed, add a bit more of lucuma, so that you end up with a rich, creamy caramel-like sauce.
9: Prepare all the fruits and berries for the topping.
10. When the pizza base has cooled down, spread the lucuma mousse on top, then berries and fruits. Decorate with the lovely caramel-like sauce, and enjoy!

Dreamy Fruit Pizza with Caramel Sauce (gluten free, vegan)

Gluten free and Vegan Summer Waffles with Nice Cream

The summer hasn’t been on it’s best here in Finland, but luckily we still have fresh and lovely summer ingredients at hand. These gluten free and vegan summer waffles are stuffed with strawberry, blueberry and licorice nice cream, and are just heavenly – summer on a plate!

These waffles, together with the Pastel Color Pies that I made couple of weeks ago, are simply lovely summer treats, bursting with color, flavor, taste, vitamins and all the good stuff – without gluten or dairy – totally plant based!

For a longer time I have been dreaming of the pancakes Veera, from The Queen of Delicious – blog, makes. They always look heavenly! A while ago she posted a recipe of four ingredient pancakes, and when I started to plan the recipe for these nice cream waffles, I wanted to try if the pancake batter would work in waffles as well. They turned out lovely!

I did a small change to the recipe, ’cause I wanted the waffles look at their best. I added a bit of xanthan into the batter, just to be on the safe side. I’m sure you could do the waffles without xanthan as well, but it helps them to keep their viscosity. The batter itself is super easy: without xanthan it has four ingrendients, and the taste is good and just perfect for the summery fillings!

You can fill the gluten free waffles with your favorite nice cream flavors: I chose strawberry, blueberry and licorice (hah, of course!). Just bake the waffles first, roll them and let then cool down, and when they’re cool, prepare the nice cream. The nice cream will be like soft ice cream, and as its best when served right away, so I recommend you to make the nice cream only just before enjoying these lovely threats! They’re like summer on a plate!

Tuulia ♥

Gluten free and Vegan Summer Waffles with Nice Cream

about six waffles

3 dl oatgurt (oat jogurt)
3 dl oat milk (or any plant based milk)
3 dl rolled oats
1,5 tsp baking powder
0,5 tsp xanthan gum

virgin coconut oil or ghee (not vegan)

Nice cream:

six frozen, diced bananas
n. 10 Tbsp oatgurt of coconut cream
handfull of fresh strawberries
handfull of blueberries
0,5 – 2 Tbsp strong, raw licorice powder

1. Put all the waffle ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth. Let the batter be for around 20 minutes before making the waffles.

2. Heat up the waffle iron, and spread some oil on the irons. Bake the waffles, and let them cool down. When they’re all cooled down, roll them up as “cones”. Turn then upside down on a plate and let be there until the nice cream is ready.

3. Prepare the nice creams. First make the base: add bananas and oatgurt/coconut cream to the blender, and divide into three parts. Add strawberries into first batch, mix and spoon into a bowl. Out into the freezer until the other nice creams are ready. Then prepare the blueberry nice cream, then licorice.

4. When they’re all ready, fill the cooled down waffles with the nice creams. Serve right away, and enjoy the summer vibes on a plate!

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

Hey again, lovely, it’s so nice to have you back here!

Maybe you saw a picture online of these lovely, gluten free and vegan sweet pies, or maybe you just popped up to see if here’s anything new – either way, I’m really happy you’re here, especially today! And you know why? Because these sweet no bake – pies are simply divine!

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

I named these as Pastel Color Pies, even thought I know the colors are really too colourful to be named as pastels – but it was the best name I came up with, ha! Or how would you name these sweet, gluten free, no-bake vegan pies, which has pudding-like filling made from different fruits, berries and beetroot? Yep, quite hard! Anyways, the name is not the most important thing here: the taste of the pies is!

And, like I already mentioned: they’re divine. Sweet (but not too sweet, thanks to dates as sweeteners), moist (but not too moist), fresh and delicious feel-good food. And surprising, actually, too! Not always, when working on a recipe, I get excited like this. I actually had to make more of these for the shoot, because, well I’m sure you can quess: my famliy was home and we just had to try a bit of them before taking the pictures.. (Luckily it’s very easy and takes only about 20 minutes!)
Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

I made the recipe in co-operation with Risenta, for who I’m happy to create recipes for. I used their oat flour and almond flour, that I simply love. The no-bake dough has these two flours, fresh dates and a bit of oil and salt – thats all. Simple and oh so good!

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

Oh yes, and the lovely fillings! You can choose your favorite and stick with that, of try all of them. But in case you choose to make all of them, be prepared that the people you enjoy these with will want to taste all the flavors!

I had four filling flavors myself: I’m sure you will come up with even more options! The yellow filling is of course lemon pudding (with some banana), pale pink one is cherries and strawberries, the green one has kiwi fruits and spirulina, and the pink pink has beetroot juice powder. All of these are mixed together with the base filling, that is coconut-chia pudding.

Sweet, nutritious, easy and oh so delicious – this one is a real must try!

/tuulia <3

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

serves about four

Prepare the filling first, then the pie crust.

Basic filling:
n. 6 Tbsp chia seeds
2 dl creamy coconut milk
1 dl oatgurt or other plant based yogurt

The flavors of the filling:
1) Pinkish filling: 1/4 of the base and handfull of fresh strawberries and cherries, + 1/2 banana, mixed together.
2) Green filling: 1/4 of the base and 1 kiwi, + 1/2 tsp sprirulina powder + 1/2 banana, mixed together.
3) Yellow filling: 1/4 of the base and peel of one organic lemon, grated + about 1 Tbsp lemon juice, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder and one diced banana – mixed by hand.
4) Dark pinki filling: 1/4 of the base and beetroot juice powder.

on top: kiwi, berries, lemon, some left over pie crust, etc.

1. Prepare the base filling: mix all the ingredients together, and let be for about 10 minutes.

2. Meanwhile prepare the flavors: mix all the ingredients together in separate bowls, and then mix together with the base filling (divided into four), by blender or by hand, depending on the flavor. Put into a fridge for a moment.

3. Prepare the no-bake crust.

1,5 dl oat flour
3 dl almond flour
12 fresh dates
about 1,5 rkl virgin coconut oil

1. Put all the ingredients into a blender, and mix. The dough should be easily “to handle” – if needed, add a bit of oil.

2. Tap the dough into the pie molds, and spoon the filling on top.
3. Ready! Store in fridge (but not too long to keep bright colors!) or serve right away, and enjoy!

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

Cherry Nice Cream with Creamy Chia-Coconut Pudding

Cherry Nice Cream with Chia-coconut Pudding (dairy free, gluten free, vegan)

Soon it’s already July, and time for summer holiday! Even thought I’m self employed and fairly busy (luckily!) I’m quite big fan of taking it easy once in a while – for example on holidays. I’ve been planning taking four weeks off, for travelling and spending time at our summer cottage in the middle of nowhere – can’t almost wait. So, as you can for sure guess, my favorite part of summers are the holidays and time spent with the family and friends. But after that comes of course all the fresh and tasty summer food and ingredients! 🙂

Around summer it’s so easy to find fresh berries sold around every corner here, and I could eat cherries every day (if only I could find organic ones as well…). As lovely cherries are eaten just like they are, I do love them on baking and making as well. This time fresh cherries ended up being part of lovely dairy free nice cream, served with chia-coconut pudding. Yumm..

Cherry Nice Cream with Chia-coconut Pudding (dairy free, gluten free, vegan)

If you just look at the ingredients, this lovely nice cream / pudding could actually be a breakfast as well – only nice and feel good – ingredients here. So if you have more time on your hands on mornings, this recipe could be a very, very nice brekkie as well. (But not here, as our mornings are everything else than peaceful: after making the breakfast for my little girl I quite often end up having and apple and a carrot or a really quick smoothie myself before rushing her to day care.. No nice cream puddings over here, haha!)

Luckily I do have more time after work (I mean like 15 minutes that this recipe demands, hah, if you only have frozen bananas at hand), so at our place nice cream and puddings are usually served as desserts, and eaten quite regularly – this time with lovely cherries!

Tuulia <3

Cherry Nice Cream with Chia-coconut Pudding (dairy free, gluten free, vegan)

Cherry Nice Cream with Chia-coconut Pudding (dairy free, gluten free, vegan)

for two

4 Tbsp chia seeds
1 dl creamy coconut milk
1 dl oat / coconut yogurt

Nice cream:
2 frozen bananas
handfull or two of fresh cherries

couple of fresh cherries for decoration

1. Prepare the pudding: mix all the ingredients and set aside for 15 minutes of so.

2. When the pudding is ready, spoon it to jars or bowls. Then prepare the nice cream: pit the dates, and add them to blender with frozen bananas. Mix until you have lovely, sweet and pink nice cream.

3. Spoon the nice cream on top of the pudding, decorate and serve instantly.

Cherry Nice Cream with Chia-coconut Pudding (dairy free, gluten free, vegan)

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