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Gentle Cinnamon Coconut Pear Porridge

Sweet oat porridge with pears and cinnamon <3 (gluten and dairy free)

I’ve delightfully noticed that it’s the Finnish season for pears again, but I haven’t had yet any opportunity to go and buy some. Usually I put pears into my smoothie or eat them as such, but this time I decided use them to sweeten my porridge. Apple and cinnamon are a very traditional combination to spice up a porridge, but I feel that the soft sweetness of the pear suits into a warm porridge even better!

The idea was to make an easy basic porridge into which I’d cook the pear. In the end, I took the idea a bit further – and out came a lovely pear and coconut porridge with caramellized pear slices. The porridge was delicious, and it’s wonderful for those moments when you’re craving something extra (and delicious!) in your day. I must admit, though, that already the pear and coconut porridge was super good, even without the caramellized pears. So, the pear and coconut porridge is perfect both for those moments when you’re in a hurry and your normal routine, the pear providing its natural sweetness to the portion.

Sweet oat porridge with pears and cinnamon <3 (gluten and dairy free)Sweet oat porridge with pears and cinnamon <3 (gluten and dairy free)

Coconut Pear Porridge with Caramellized Pears

2 dl rolled oats (gluten-free)
2,5 dl coconut milk
2,5 dl water
a dash of salt
2 pears
1 Tsp Ceylon cinnamon
0,5 Tbsp butter (for dairy-free: virgin coconut oil)

Prepare the porridge first: mix the rolled oats into the liquids and add a dash of salt. Cube the pear into small cubicles and add them into the mix. Stir well and cook until done.

Cut the other pear into thin slices. Sauté the slices on a frying pan with some butter, then add some cinnamon and a sprinkle of coconut sugar. Let the pear slices simmer for a while. Serve the porridge with the caramellized pear slices.

Sweet oat porridge with pears and cinnamon <3 (gluten and dairy free)

Wishing you dreamy soft porridge moments,

Delicious Blueberry Bun Porridge in the Oven

Blueberry bun porridge (gluten and dairy free) Blueberry bun porridge (gluten and dairy free)

Nordic berries and pulla (a Finnish brioche type sweet bread spiced with cardamom). Those are two things that remind a Finn of home. We’ve been enjoying these two tastes lately, but in a delightful twist of the combination in the form of an oven-baked porridge.

The twist in this porridge is the combination of blueberries and the sweet tastes of cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom, which provide the inspiration to the name.

This porridge is wonderfully warming and comforting autumn and winter food. It really sooths the mind. This is why I recommend enjoying this oven-baked porridge as an evening meal, but of course it tastes great during other times of day, as well.

I’ve also used egg in this porridge which adds extra protein to this oven-baked porridge and keeps you full for a longer time. Egg isn’t the only ingredient that I’ve added to this dish that’s unconventional to the world of porridge – I never pass the chance to increase my intake of veggies during the day, and this food wasn’t an exception. I’ve earlier written about my love for parsnip (and I continue to be in awe of the fact that the average Finn eats less than one parsnip a year!), so as I scavengered around my fridge I happened to grab a couple of small parsnip to through in the mix. I grated the roots finely and added it into the porridge right before putting the porridge in the oven. In my opinion it added a gentle taste to the porridge that complemented the other ingredients well.

In fact, the blueberry bun porridge is a wonderful way to hide other roots into children’s (or picky adults, ha) diets without them even noticing it.

Blueberry bun porridge (gluten and dairy free)

Blueberry Bun Porridge

5 dl rolled oats (gluten-free)
2 Tsp Ceylon cinnamon
0,5 Tsp cardamom
1 Tsp turmeric
0,5 Tsp salt
1 dl raisins
3 dl coconut milk
1 dl water
3 eggs
2 Tbsp maple syrup (or other berries)
ca. 200 g parsnip
virgin coconut oil for greasing
For serving: banana, coconut milk, cinnamon

Heat the oven to 175 degrees (Celsius). Grease the pan. Mix first the dry ingredients together, then mix the wet ingredients together. Grate the parsnip as finely as possible and add it into the mixture of wet ingredients, then add the blueberries into the same mixture. Combine the wet and dry ingredients, and pour the porridge mixture into the pan distributing it evenly. Let the porridge bake in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes until the surface of the porridge has caught some color and solidified.

The porridge in itself is not too sweet – you can adjust the sweetness by adding the amount of maple syrup or eating the porridge with something sweet, like a banana, for example. This recipe makes for 5 to 6 servings. It also serves well cold as well, so if there’s some left over, you can easily just cut it into bite size pieces and even eat it with fingers!

Blueberry bun porridge (gluten and dairy free)

Wishing you blueberry bun dreams,

Gentle Quinoa Porridge with Coconut and Pomegranate

quinoa coconut porridge

On sunny winter mornings like today’s one often feels in need of something warmer than a regular breakfast smoothie. Today I was also craving something filling, so I decided to prepare a porridge out of quinoa instead of the more typical oat meal or millet. As pomegranate is currently in season, I have it everywhere at the moment – I just love its tangy sweetness combined in various dishes. And I must admit, already the beauty of the little seeds of this fruit make me pick it up from the grocery store shelf. I’ll sprinkle it as a decoration on top of salads and side dishes, as well as use it in sweet dishes.

The seeds of the pomegranate remind me of rubies, and they contain an incredible amount of antioxidants – according to some sources, even 2 to 3 times more so than green tea. It is because of this that the pomegranate is considered a wonderful fruit to support anti-aging purposes. The fruit will also help prevent cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. The beautiful seeds will help fight inflammation and keep your blood sugar steady helping to maintain insulin sensitivity. What’s most important, though – they’re super tasty!

This porridge serving was so beautiful, I almost didn’t have the heart to eat it (but of course I did). Thanks to quinoa and the coconut this porridge contains many another useful nutrients, such as protein, fibre and healthy fats. I used coconut cream in this recipe, but you can, of course, use coconut milk instead if desired.

Have a great day, beautiful.


quinoa coconut porridge

Quinoa Porridge with Coconut and Pomegranate

approx. 2 servings

2 dl quinoa seeds
2 dl coconut cream (or 3 dl coconut milk)
2,5 dl water (1,5 dl if you use coconut milk)
0,5 dl coconut flakes
a sprinkle of salt
0,5 Tsp vanilla powder
1 pomegranate

Start with rinsing the quinoa thoroughly with water. Mix it then in the pot with the coconut cream/milk and water, and add some salt. Cook the porridge until the quinoa seems cooked. Take the porridge of the heat and add in the coconut flakes, vanilla and honey (depending on how sweet you like your porridge). While the quinoa is boiling, you can peel the pomegranate. Here is my tip: cut of the top of the pomegranate and cut four lines on the shell of the pomegranate according to the white sections you see inside the fruit, pull then the sections apart and scrape the seeds out of their shells. Serve the porridge in deep bowls and decorate with coconut flakes and seeds or nuts.

quinoa coconut porridgequinoa coconut porridge

Whipped Chia Lingonberry Porridge

Kermaisen pehmeä chia-puolukkapuuro - se vähän parempi vispipuuro!

Summer is at its end, and I’ve noticed variations of whipped porridge coming up in different magazines and blogs. I love a lovely, fluffy whipped porridge which is typically made into semolina, but thanks to my gluten-free diet this traditional delicacy isn’t anymore on my list of appropriate foods.

But instead of feeling sorry for myself, I’ve been trying to think of something to replace it. This morning I did my first experiment around this idea, and as you might have guessed it from the fact that I’m even writing this post, the porridge came out super good. Fluffy, with a rich lingonberry flavour, and of course, a high nutrition content.

Whipped Chia Lingonberry Porridge

(for two)

1 dl chia seeds
2 dl coconut milk
2,5 dl lingonberries
1,5 dl water
1 (-2) bananas (add to taste)
2 rkl lucuma powder

Start by preparing a gel out of the chia seeds and water (let the chia seeds soak in the water until it has all been soaked into the seeds). Blend the gel together with the bananas. Add the cowberries and honey, and blend it all until the porridge is nice and fluffy.

There, now you are ready. Be sure to drown your porridge in almond milk, and enjoy! What a wonderful feeling it is to notice that almost all foods can have their equivalent in the gluten-free world!

Tuulia xx

Kermaisen pehmeä chia-puolukkapuuro - se vähän parempi vispipuuro!

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