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Soft Broccoli Pesto (Dairy-free, Vegan)

Broccoli pesto (vegan, dairyfree)
I’m simply delighted everytime I figure out a new way to increase my broccoli intake. This happened with this pesto as well – you can squeeze a whole lot of broccoli in quite a small amount of pesto, and what’s best, this pesto came out tasting super, too!

You won’t probably need convincing on the many health benefits eating broccoli has, let’s just say they are numerable – all the way from preventing cancer to lowering inflammation in the body, from boosting your immune system to being good for your brains and gut, just to name you a few effects.

In case you suffer from thyroid issues, you will want to cook the broccoli first, though, so its goitrogenic effects are disabled. If you have no problems with your thyroid, you can safely enjoy broccoli raw as well, like in this pesto.

This time I enjoyed this vegan pesto as a spread on top of my rice cakes, but it’s naturally good with various types of dishes: as a side, a sauce, or a layering. This pesto is easy to whip up, and thanks to nutritional yeast it also contains a huge amount of various types of vitamin B. Everything you need (except for the ingredients, of course) is a blender.

Soft Broccoli Pesto

ca. 300 g broccoli
0,75 dl peeled hemp seed
½ bunch of fresh basil
0,75 dl virgin olive oil
1 clove of garlic
ca. 0,5 dl nutritional yeast flakes
a dash of salt
a dash of black pepper
a squeeze of lemon juice

Place all the ingredients in the blender (chop the broccoli first into smaller pieces) and blend until smooth. Check the taste, and season to your liking.


Broccoli pesto (vegan, dairyfree)

Insanely Delicious Lucuma Blueberry Fudge

Lovely lucuma-blueberry fudge Lovely lucuma-blueberry fudge

Sometimes you end up developing such a delicious recipe, you find yourself almost licking the pot (’almost’ just because you can’t fit your head in the pot). If you’ve been looking for something easy, naturally sweetened, healthy treat, don’t look any further. If you also happen to love toffee or fudge and blueberries, I can almost guarantee you: here is the recipe you have been looking for.

These raw lucuma blueberry fudge bars are not only delicious, but also easy to make. All you need is a blender, your ingredients, and a pot to pour the fudge mass to cool down in the fridge.

Lovely lucuma-blueberry fudge

These fudge bars are sweetened by lucuma and honey, while the peanut butter in them brings a rich thick texture to them. Blueberries are a wonderfully fresh addition to them (and they look so pretty, as well!), and using cacao butter keeps the consistency good for a long time after the bars have solidified.

So, you can easily keep these out on the serving table for even a couple of hours, although for longer keeping I do suggest keeping them covered in the fridge. I performed a test with the last piece of fudge at our summer cottage, and the fudge laid on the serving plate on a side table for about three hours before my dad walked in and ate it (’I thought someone had forgotten it there’), so that test ended a bit prematurely. According to my dad the texture was still good, though, and obviously the taste was okay, too, ha ha.

Lovely lucuma-blueberry fudgeLovely lucuma-blueberry fudge

Lucuma Blueberry Fudge

1,5 dl cacao butter
3 Tbsp peanut butter (sugar-free and as smooth as possible)
1,2 dl lucuma powder
1–2 Tbsp maple syryp or other sweetener of choice
a sprinkle or two of salt
a sprinkle of vanilla powder
a handful or two of fresh blue berries

Melt the cacao butter in a warm water bath or in a pot on low heat. Add in the peanut butter and syrup, mix until smooth. Take the pot of the heat and mix in the lucuma, salt and vanilla. Check the taste, and try not to eat any more. (For me this is the hardest part of the recipe.) Cover a tin with baking sheet and pour the fudge mass into the tin. Sprinkle the fresh blue berries on top of the fudge. Move the fudge into the fridge or the freezer to cool down. Once the fudge has solidified, cut out pieces in the shape and size you wish – e.g. bars or smaller cubes. Ready!

I might have mentioned the following a few times before, but I will risk repeating myself: these bars are s u p e r scrumptious!


Lovely lucuma-blueberry fudge

Wonderfully Nutty Ice Latte (Dairy-free)

Lovely dairyfree iced latte

What could be more wonderful than a cold ice latte on a hot summer day? I enjoy different types of coffee drinks, and sometimes even crave for an ice latte, even though I try to keep my coffee intake in a minimum (sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t). When you can’t be sure that the ice coffees you order in cafés are naturally sweetened and dairy-free versions of your favourite coffee drink, it’s best to prepare it yourself. If you prepare it ready to go in a glass bottle, it’s easy to grab along and enjoy anywhere you like – in the park, on a picnic, on the go or even in the car! The ice melts, of course, quite quickly, depending a bit on the weather, soi f you want to enjoy the drink with ice, best drink it soon after leaving home.

This dairy-free nutty ice latte has been sweetened with dates and peanut butter. You can add some variation to the recipe by different choices of non-dairy milk – this time I decided to use rice milk, but a dollop of coconut milk would’ve worked just as well.

Lovely dairyfree iced latte

Nutty Ice Latte (Dairy-free)

1 portion of strong organic espresso
1,5–2 dl your choice of non-dairy milk (e.g. rice milk, oat milk, soy milk)
1 Tsp peanut butter
1 date

Add the peanut butter, date and your choice of non-dairy milk into the blender. Blend for a while. Add ice into a serving glass, and pour the sweetened non-dairy milk on top, add lastly the espresso.

And there you have your perfect ice latte for a hot summer day! On colder days you might even think of drinking this warm – just pour the milk out of the blender into a small pot, heat it up, leave out the ice and drink your non-dairy latte warm.

Waiting for those hot summer days!


Lovely dairyfree iced latte

’Keep it Cool’ Chocolate Pudding

Keep it Cool - suklaavanukas

The ’Keep it Cool’ chocolate pudding originates from the ’Laid back’ evening porridge that I couldn’t resist developing further. Rest and relax is something we all need once in a while, and in the midst of the busy months of spring it’s definitely worth thinking how one could support one’s own wellbeing with their diet. Relaxing toward the night is necessary for everyone, but in especially stressful life situations it’s good to give one’s nervous system some help in calming down and balancing itself even during the day, especially when one is feeling tense or overexcited.

And thus, I came up with the idea to use Terranova’s Oat and Cherry Super Blend even during day to calm my nerves and help find peace of mind. So, I’ve been using this product both in the evening to help me calm down before going to sleep and during stressful periods in life also during the day. This time I hid it inside this delicious chocolate pudding.

The ’Keep it Cool’ chocolate pudding is worth its name, helping to balance the nervous system with nutrients and vitamins essential for its wellbeing (e.g. vitamin B complexes). And, of course, this wouldn’t be a Wellberries recipe if this pudding would not be a treat for the taste buds as well: this chocolate pudding is both wonderfully chocolaty and comfortingly creamy.

’Keep it Cool’ Chocolate Pudding (for one)

1 banana
2 Tbsp chia seed
about 8 Tbsp coconut milk
1–2 Tbsp raw cacao powder
1 Tbsp lucuma powder
½ avocado
½ Tsp Terranova Oat & Cherry Super Blend powder
½ Tsp Ceylon cinnamon
a sprinkle of salt

1. Mash the banana into a mush in a bowl using a hand blender.

2. Add in the chia seeds and 6 Tbsp of coconut milk. Let the chia seeds soak in the mixture for about 10 minutes.

3. Add in the avocado, the raw cacao powder, lucuma, Oat & Cherry Super Blend, salt, and cinnamon. Mix it smooth with the hand blender, and decorate with coconut milk.


And there you have, yet again, that almost perfect package of nutrition and delight taken another step further.

Wishing you a delicious and peaceful spring time – keep it cool!


Keep it Cool - suklaavanukas

This recipe was created to Terranova.

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