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Wonderfully Nutty Ice Latte (Dairy-free)

Lovely dairyfree iced latte

What could be more wonderful than a cold ice latte on a hot summer day? I enjoy different types of coffee drinks, and sometimes even crave for an ice latte, even though I try to keep my coffee intake in a minimum (sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t). When you can’t be sure that the ice coffees you order in cafés are naturally sweetened and dairy-free versions of your favourite coffee drink, it’s best to prepare it yourself. If you prepare it ready to go in a glass bottle, it’s easy to grab along and enjoy anywhere you like – in the park, on a picnic, on the go or even in the car! The ice melts, of course, quite quickly, depending a bit on the weather, soi f you want to enjoy the drink with ice, best drink it soon after leaving home.

This dairy-free nutty ice latte has been sweetened with dates and peanut butter. You can add some variation to the recipe by different choices of non-dairy milk – this time I decided to use rice milk, but a dollop of coconut milk would’ve worked just as well.

Lovely dairyfree iced latte

Nutty Ice Latte (Dairy-free)

1 portion of strong organic espresso
1,5–2 dl your choice of non-dairy milk (e.g. rice milk, oat milk, soy milk)
1 Tsp peanut butter
1 date

Add the peanut butter, date and your choice of non-dairy milk into the blender. Blend for a while. Add ice into a serving glass, and pour the sweetened non-dairy milk on top, add lastly the espresso.

And there you have your perfect ice latte for a hot summer day! On colder days you might even think of drinking this warm – just pour the milk out of the blender into a small pot, heat it up, leave out the ice and drink your non-dairy latte warm.

Waiting for those hot summer days!


Lovely dairyfree iced latte

Ice Cream Quickie – Mango Stracciatella

Pika-hyvisjäde: mango-stracciatella
FINALLY, summer is here! I just walked home from the nearby park (Hot! Lovely!) with one thing on my mind: Ice Cream! This Mango Stracciatella has many great sides to it, one of which is how super quick it is to whip up! This ice cream quicky is ready within minutes. The sweetness in the ice cream comes from the mango and the coconut milk, it’s really not that different from the mango coconut smoothie that I often make. This ice cream happens to have also protein in the form of rice protein powder, and it gives a special creaminess to it that it wouldn’t otherwise have. The chocolate flakes in this ice cream are grated raw chocolate, but using raw cacao mass would do just the same trick!

This recipe makes a dairy-free, vegan friendly quick ice cream. Thanks to the extra protein, you can combine having a healthy filling snack to enjoying a luxurious ice cream moment!


Mango Stracciatella

(for one, big portion)

3 dl icy mango cubes
a squirt or two (ca. 0,4 dl) of coconut milk
1 heaped Tbsp of rice protein powder
a piece of raw chocolate / raw cacao mass

1. Add the icy mango pieces and the coconut milk into a bowl. Mash it up with a hand blender, add more coconut milk if you need to.

2. Spoon in the rice protein and mix it all in using the spoon before blending it (so that you don’t end up blowing it all around the kitchen, like I did).

3. Finally, grate in the chocolate and enjoy!

Pika-hyvisjäde: mango-stracciatellaPika-hyvisjäde: mango-stracciatella

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