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Lovely Christmas Pizza (GF, Vegan)

In co-operation with Asennemedia and Urtekram

Christmas pizza! I simply couldn’t resist the idea of a Christmas pizza, that would be flavoured with all the Christmas spices. The traditional Christmas pice pudding would be on top of the bottom, and all this would be decorated with persimon, pomegranate seeds and dark chocolate.. Already the idea sounded so dreamy and delicious, that I couldn’t wait to try it.. And it was worth all the wait and mouth watering moments while planning the recipe!

The recipe was made to Urtekram Finland, so the pizza is filled with lovely, and always orcanic, products of theirs. If you aren’t here for the first time, you might know that always when it’s possible, I choose a product of organic production. That is one thing why co-operation with Urtekram is so nice – their products are always organic, and the company itself has been a pioneer in organic production: it was founded already 1972. Ever since they’ve been working to spread the message of organic lifestyle, and I’m so happy to work with them.

But yep, let’s get back to pizza!

Lovely, sweet and soft Christmas pizza. The base is made of gluten free organic oats and coconut flour, and seetened with a banana. The spices will take you directly into Christmas feeling, and the Christmas pudding ensures the strong Christmas vibes. You can use small gingerbread molds and make cute stars out of persimon, and decorate all with pomegranate seeds and dark chocolate. Divine! And something new for traditional Christmas!
Tuulia ♥

Christmas pizza (gluten free, vegan)

pizza crust:
1,5 dl oats
n. 0,5 dl coconut flour
1 ribe banana
about 2 dl plant based milk
1 Tbsp psyllium
hint of salt
0,5 tsp ceylon cinnamon
1 tsp baking powder
1 Tbsp virgin coconut oil (melted)

Coconut-rice pudding
0,5 dl porridge rice
… dl coconut milk
….dl water
salt, coconut sugar

Persimon stars, pomegranate seeds, coconut flakes, dark chocolate

1. Prepare the rice porridge: mix all the ingredients together, boil and and let boil on a low heat until the porridge is ready, thick and creamy.
2. Heat the ovet to 200 degrees.
3. Mix the ripe banana, and mix all the crust’s ingredients together.
4. Spread the dough onto big baking tray (use parchment paper), or two smaller ones. Make rounds. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until the pizza crust is ready.
5. Spread the thick rice porridge pudding onto crust, and prepare the toppings. Make small stars out of sliced persimon, etc.
6.Ta daa – you’re ready to make new traditions with this lovely Christmas Pizza!
Levitä paksu

Dairyfree Almond Rainbow Latte and Feel Good Marmalade Candies

Dairyfree almond rainbow latte and feel good marmalade candies

Hey, lovely! The winter is slowly coming to Helsinki, but the snow is still missing. The darkness feels quite overwhelming at times: the sun rises around 8-9 and and sets after four, and every night our little girl goes to window and starts to wonder out loud how dark it really is – and she’s right: it’s really, really dark! While we keep on waiting for the snow to come I had to come up with something else that would cheer us up!

Dairyfree almond rainbow latte and feel good marmalade candies

I’ve done co-operation with Lejos before, and last time I baked these cute rainbow sweet potato toasts using their almond milk. It seems that I’m almost addicted using more natural colors in my kitchen, and so I used them this time as well! As I mentioned, the situation over here required something cheery, and the result was simply lovely: warming, nutritious, delicious and bursting with colors!

May I present: Carrot cake latte and Red Velvet latte!

Dairyfree almond rainbow latte and feel good marmalade candies

Most probably you’ve seen colorful lattes already popping up in Instagram and PInterest, and beetroot latte has been a thing for a while in many places and restaurants over the world. Spice turmeric latte (golden latte) starts to be old news already, but is still delicious and a real feel good drink as well. So, I can’t take credit for these really, and I’m thankful for the one who decided to add beetroot to the plant based milk in the first place: it’s lovely.

I saw the carrot juice powder at store one day, and instantly I saw the picture of carrot cake latte in my head – I simply had to try it! Carrot, as beetroot, has some natural sugars so it’s just sweet enough, but both of them has several health benefits, too! A perfect package, I’d say: just whip the almond milk and mix with beetroot or carrot juice “shot”, just like you’d be preparing cafe latte, and you’re good to go. So, so good!

Dairyfree almond rainbow latte and feel good marmalade candiesDairyfree almond rainbow latte and feel good marmalade candiesDairyfree almond rainbow latte and feel good marmalade candies

Oh and there’s more! Because the Christmas is approaching as well, I prepared some feel good marmalede candies as well! I used NomNom – products, that are 100% fruits and berries, and covered them with high quality raw chocolate. Yum – so good, no need for other Christmas marmalede candies (that are popular over here): pure, real flavors of fruits and chocolate!

When you think about the Christmas (or any other kind) of candies, you might notice that the only natural thing about them is sugar. The most popular marmalede candies over here has only aromas and coloring, that will connect the taste they are representing. But not this time! These marmaledes are really made of strawberries, apple and raspberries, with some nutritious raw chocolate on top. Nothing more!

But let’s see the recipes then, shall we? Maybe you as well want to invite friends over for the most colorful latte cake – moment! They are so good in many ways: while sipping on these, you get the lovely taste and warming experience of pink or orange lattes, but as the same time you enjoy a lot of useful nutrients, that are always needed but especially during winter my body seems to crave more vitamins and antioxidants.

I hope you’ll love these cake lattes as well, stay warm!
Tuulia ♥

Carrot Cake Latte 

for one

about 0,5 dl water
1-2 Tbsp carrot juice powder (to taste)
0,5 tsp ceylonin cinnamon
hint of cardamom
about 2 dl plant based milk
(honey if needed)

1. Heat up the water and plant based milk in their own kettles or pans.
2. Mix the dry ingredients with the hot water.
3. Pour the hot plant based milk into a cup and foam it with a milk foamer.
4. Pour the “carrot juice shot” into the milk. (add honey if needed)

Red Velvet latte (beetroot latte)

for one

about 0,5 dl water
0,5-1 Tbsp beetroot juice powder (to taste)
hint of raw cacao powder
hint of real vanilla powder
about 2 dl plant based milk
(honey if needed)

1. Heat up the water and plant based milk in their own kettles or pans.
2. Mix the dry ingredients with the hot water.
3. Pour the hot plant based milk into a cup and foam it with a milk foamer.
4. Pour the “beetroot juice shot” into the milk. (add honey if needed)

Feel good Marmaledes

1-2 bags of NomNom-fruit snacks (or any other 100% fruit snacks)
raw chocolate
beetroot juice powder or any other juice powders for decoration

1. Melt the chocolate with low heat
2. Roll the NomNom fruit marmaledes in the melted chocolate, and put on on parchment sheet paper and to fridge for a moment.
3. When the chocolate marmalades are ready, decorate them with veggie powders.

Recipes were made in co-operation with Lejos.

Cute Rainbow Sweet Potato Cakes

Cute Rainbow Sweet Potato Cake (a.k.a rainbow toast)

Hey, lovely, welcome to Wellberries again! ♥

I’m really happy that you’re here right now, since today we’re making something super, super cute! These sweet potato cake slices are so delicious, and topped with rainbow / mermaid topping, fresh berries and other goodies – divine!

As you’ve most probably seen, Instagram is filled with oh so pretty unicorn and mermaid toasts, that are so lovely you would like to eat them all right away. Yep, me too! Anyways, I’ve been thinking about the (plant based) yogurt + toast combination. and for some reason it doesn’t really temp me that much in the end. But I really wanted to make super cute unicorn / rainbow toast myself, so had to come up with something else. And so I did, and I must say that the result was maybe even better I hoped!

Cute Rainbow Sweet Potato Cake (a.k.a rainbow toast)

Instead of toast I deiced to bake a cake, and make toasts out of that. At first I was all about banana bread, but in the end switched that idea to gluten free sweet potato cake. It’s almost like banana bread, but with sweet potato and dates instead of bananas. And I’m so happy I did so, ’cause the combination of mildly sweet sweet potato cake, yogurt, berry powders and other toppings is simply lovely!

Cute Rainbow Sweet Potato Cake (a.k.a rainbow toast)

I made the recipe in co-operation with Lejos, a company that imports Almond Breeze – almond milk and Nom Nom – 100% fruit “sweets”. Both of the brands suited well to the recipe, and because the cake is only mildly sweet, the fruit sweets were just perfect for decoration. Not too, but just sweet enough!

I hope you’ll love these rainbow sweet potato cakes slices as well – I must admit that I’m almost drooling while watching these pictures now, ha! Must make more, and soon!


Ps. Our favorite cake slice is there at the very end of this post – meow!


Cute Rainbow Sweet Potato Cake (a.k.a rainbow toast)

Cute Rainbow-Sweet Potato Cakes 

Sweet potato cake:
about 300 g of sweet potato
3 dl almond milk
10 fresh and soft dates, pitted
2 dl oat flour
2 dl rice flour
1,5 tl baking powder
0,5 tl salt
0,5 tl cardamom
0,25 dl sesam or coconut oil


to each of the yogurt toppings:
about  4 Tbsp plant based yogurt, as creamy as possible

1-2 Tbsp sea buchthorn powder / blueberry powder / spirulina / beetroot juice powder, etc!

fruit “candies”, berries, coconut flakes, etc!

The cake:
1. Heat the oven to 175 Celcius
2. Peel, dice, boil the sweet potato, until soft
3. Mix the pitted dates with almond milk in a blender, until smooth
4. Mix the dry ingredients
5. Add the almond milk – date – mixture into with the dry ingredients, and add oil
6. Line bread or cake mold with parchment paper, and spoon the dough into it. Bake for about 40-45 minutes, or until the cake is ready
7. Let the cake coold down well before cutting it!

On top:
1. Spoon the plant based yogurt into different bowls, and mix them all with different powders. Put into fridge until the cake is ready and all cooled down
2. Spoon the colorful and delicious toppings on top of sliced cakes. Use only one color or mix them!
3. Decorate with berries, dried fruits, etc.
4. Ready – time to feast!

Cute Rainbow Sweet Potato Cake (a.k.a rainbow toast)

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

Hey again, lovely, it’s so nice to have you back here!

Maybe you saw a picture online of these lovely, gluten free and vegan sweet pies, or maybe you just popped up to see if here’s anything new – either way, I’m really happy you’re here, especially today! And you know why? Because these sweet no bake – pies are simply divine!

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

I named these as Pastel Color Pies, even thought I know the colors are really too colourful to be named as pastels – but it was the best name I came up with, ha! Or how would you name these sweet, gluten free, no-bake vegan pies, which has pudding-like filling made from different fruits, berries and beetroot? Yep, quite hard! Anyways, the name is not the most important thing here: the taste of the pies is!

And, like I already mentioned: they’re divine. Sweet (but not too sweet, thanks to dates as sweeteners), moist (but not too moist), fresh and delicious feel-good food. And surprising, actually, too! Not always, when working on a recipe, I get excited like this. I actually had to make more of these for the shoot, because, well I’m sure you can quess: my famliy was home and we just had to try a bit of them before taking the pictures.. (Luckily it’s very easy and takes only about 20 minutes!)
Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

I made the recipe in co-operation with Risenta, for who I’m happy to create recipes for. I used their oat flour and almond flour, that I simply love. The no-bake dough has these two flours, fresh dates and a bit of oil and salt – thats all. Simple and oh so good!

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

Oh yes, and the lovely fillings! You can choose your favorite and stick with that, of try all of them. But in case you choose to make all of them, be prepared that the people you enjoy these with will want to taste all the flavors!

I had four filling flavors myself: I’m sure you will come up with even more options! The yellow filling is of course lemon pudding (with some banana), pale pink one is cherries and strawberries, the green one has kiwi fruits and spirulina, and the pink pink has beetroot juice powder. All of these are mixed together with the base filling, that is coconut-chia pudding.

Sweet, nutritious, easy and oh so delicious – this one is a real must try!

/tuulia <3

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

serves about four

Prepare the filling first, then the pie crust.

Basic filling:
n. 6 Tbsp chia seeds
2 dl creamy coconut milk
1 dl oatgurt or other plant based yogurt

The flavors of the filling:
1) Pinkish filling: 1/4 of the base and handfull of fresh strawberries and cherries, + 1/2 banana, mixed together.
2) Green filling: 1/4 of the base and 1 kiwi, + 1/2 tsp sprirulina powder + 1/2 banana, mixed together.
3) Yellow filling: 1/4 of the base and peel of one organic lemon, grated + about 1 Tbsp lemon juice, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder and one diced banana – mixed by hand.
4) Dark pinki filling: 1/4 of the base and beetroot juice powder.

on top: kiwi, berries, lemon, some left over pie crust, etc.

1. Prepare the base filling: mix all the ingredients together, and let be for about 10 minutes.

2. Meanwhile prepare the flavors: mix all the ingredients together in separate bowls, and then mix together with the base filling (divided into four), by blender or by hand, depending on the flavor. Put into a fridge for a moment.

3. Prepare the no-bake crust.

1,5 dl oat flour
3 dl almond flour
12 fresh dates
about 1,5 rkl virgin coconut oil

1. Put all the ingredients into a blender, and mix. The dough should be easily “to handle” – if needed, add a bit of oil.

2. Tap the dough into the pie molds, and spoon the filling on top.
3. Ready! Store in fridge (but not too long to keep bright colors!) or serve right away, and enjoy!

Gluten free no-bake Sweet Pie (a.k.a Pastel Color Pie)

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