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Soft mint chocolate smoothie

Soft mint chocolate smoothieSoft mint chocolate smoothie

As the followers of my blog well know, Wellberries recipes rarely use any dairy products. When some dairy is used, it’s always goat milk based – usually feta or other good cheese. My dairy free life started many years ago, when I was avoiding it because of food sensitivities. Nowadays I tolerate dairy quite well, but have sticked to plant based milk alternatives. I just love nut – oat- and coconut milks, and use them in smoothies, both cooked and raw porridges. Coffee with creamy coconut milk is just lovely!

The plant based milks are not only delicious, but also ecological and ethical choice. Quite often you can find calcium enriched “mylks”, but if you prefer all natural choices, I wouldn’t be too worried about the calsium either – at least here in Finland, people tend to get calcium more than even recommended. You can find plant based milks with or without sugar. My choice is always the sugar free one, and I would recommend the same for you.

It’s easier to make better and nicer choices if you try not to think about them too much. You don’t need to start 100% dairy free life, but sometimes substitute dairy with these products, for example. Try coconut milk in coffee, nut milks in smoothies or whip coconut cream instead of normal cream. You get new, soft flavors for cooking, and the best of all: the nature thanks, and you don’t support the factory farming! If this isn’t win-win, then I don’t know what is, ha ha!

In this smoothie I’ve used both cashew milk (one of my favorites) and one of Go Greens novelties: unsweetened, organic almond milk. I have also good news for people with celiac disease: Go Green has launched an oat milk, that is suitable also for you guys! The other oat milks are better for us, who don’t have to be so strict about small amounts of gluten.

Soft mint chocolate smoothie

This soft, nutty and creamy smoothie has both almond and cashew milk, but you can of course use just either one. The lovely colour comes from fresh mint and baby spinach, and thanks to frozen banana, vanilla and lovely raw chocolate sauce, the smoothie is sweet as well!

Decorate the smoothie jars with the raw chocolate sauce, and enjoy!


Soft mint chocolate smoothieSoft mint chocolate smoothie

Soft mint chocolate smoothie

for two

2 frozen bananas
2 handful of cashew nuts
1 handful of fresh mint
1 handfull of fresh baby spinach
pinch or two of ground vanilla
Cashew milk
Almond milk

raw chocolate sauce:
ca. 4 tbsp virgin coconut oil
ca. 5 tbsp raw chocolate powder
ca. 1 tsp of honey (vegans: maple syrup)
pinch of salt

1. Put frozen bananas, nuts, washed fresh mint leaves and baby spinach into blender. Add some 4 dl plant based milks. Blend until smooth, and add nut milk as much as needed. You can use just one variant of nut milk.

2. Prepare the chocolate sauce: put the ingredients in douple boiler and mix well. If needed, add more chocolate powder or oil (or both, if you feel like having more sauce).

3. Take two smoothie jars, and pour the sauce to the bottoms, but leave some for the top. Spread the sauce to the sides.

4. Pour the smoothie into the glasses, and finish with decorating the smoothies with the rest of the sauce and some fresh mint.

5. Ready, drink up and enjoy! ✨

Soft mint chocolate smoothie

The recipe was developed for Go Green.