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Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey

Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey / Wellberries

Eggplant with lemon, ginger, honey and quinoa, capers, cilantro and chili – doesn’t it sound good? I think so too, and I make this dish quite frequently – almost every time when I find it hard to think what we should have for dinner, I end up making this dish. It’s easy, tasty, fresh, nutritious, totally plant based and doesn’t require too much time or special ingredients – and very, very nice!

Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey / Wellberries

Last time when I was cooking this, it hit me: even thought this is one of my favorite foods, I never had shared it with you guys! What a shame, I thought, and decided to fix this fact asap. So, here we go then!

This recipe is of course gluten and dairy free, and suitable also for vegans, if you substitute the honey with maple syrup. It combines my favorite ingredients, and if you like them separately, I can almost promise that you’ll love this recipe as well! Lemon and capers bring some nice acidity to the dish, there’s some sweetness thanks to honey (maple syrup), and it’s just spicy enough, thanks to the chili, and all of them together completes the flavor of eggplant. This all will be served with nutritious quinoa and sesame seeds. Delicious! And one more thing: the recipe is quite easy as well, so no special needs or experience needed here!

Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey / Wellberries

I know, big words for a recipe, but this time well deserved – try it yourself, then you’ll know!

I hope you will remember this recipe next time when wondering along grocery store aisles, thinking desperately what to have for dinner – it for sure has saved many of my days from boring meals!

Tuulia xx

Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey / Wellberries

Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey

for two

one big eggplant

2 cloves of garlic
1-2 cm fresh ginger
0,5-1 tl ground cumin
1/2 small fresh chili
1 small organic lemon (also the peel will be used)
2 tbsp honoy or maple syrup
sesame seeds
virgin coconut oil for frying


2 dl quinoa
approx 25 grams of small capers
black pepper

fresh cilantro

1. Slice the eggplants, and put themfor example on a baking sheet. Sprinkle some salt on top, and let be for about 20 minutes.

2. Meanwhile prepare quinoa: rinse well, and boil according to the direction on the package.

3. Crush garlic and chili, grate ginger and the peel of the lemon.

4. When quinoa is done, tear the cilantro into it, sprinke some salt and pepper, and add capers.

5. Pat the eggplants dry, and fry until golden brown. Take away from the pan.

6. Prepare the food in two batches; add some oil to the pan, along with garlic and cumin. Fry for a second. Add then the eggplants and ginger, honey, chili, peel and juice of the lemon. Let simmer for a moment. Do the same for the second batch.

7. When all the eggplant slices have been baked, serve them with quinoa, and spinkle some seeds on top along with cilantro. Enjoy!

Eggplant with lemon, ginger and honey / Wellberries


Cashew pudding “Lovely Lemon Licorice” ✨

Dairy free raw cashew lemon pudding with licorice cookie crumble

Ah, may I proudly present: delicious, zesty lemon cashew pudding with lovely licorice “cookie crumble”!

For a longer time I had been graving lemon and licorice, and had been thinking about a perfect recipe to combine these. When I gave it a thought, it turned out that this combination would be perfect fit for oh so many recipes (so the “to do” list of recipes just gets longer and longer!), but this time I ended making cashew pudding (always a good choice!).

The active cooking time for this pudding is short, but the cashews should be soaked in order to get smooth texture for the pudding. So, I was left with a lot of time to build up a perfect “cookie crumble” for the licorice-part of the pudding. And oh boy I did some testing – enjoyed every moment, haha. Finally the “cookie crumble” was so good, that I decided to stick with it. The hardest part of this recipe, by the way, was not to eat all the crumble before the pudding itself was ready, but luckily there was some left for the portions as well.

This pudding is versatile: it’s perfect as a dessert but goes well for a snack as well. And I must point out, the pudding is very nutritious too: thanks to all the nuts and seeds, it’s packed with all the goodies.

But, without going more into details, let’s continue to the recipe itself – hope you love it too!


Dairt free raw cashew lemon pudding with licorice cookie crumble

Cashew pudding “Lovely Lemon Licorice”

two – three portions

2 dl cashew nuts (soaked over night or at least 4 hours)
juice of one smallish lemon
approx. 1,5-2 dl coconut milk
1 tbsp chia seeds
piece of banana

“cookie crumble”
1 dl gluten free oat flakes
0,5 dl sun flower seeds
0,5 dl peeled hemp seed
4 soft medjool dates
2-3 tsp strong raw licorice powder (for example Urtekram or Lakritsfabriken)
a pinch of salt

1. Prepare the “cookie crumble”: place all the ingredients into blender and blend until cookie dough starts to build up. Scoop the dough from the blender and set aside for a moment.

2. Put the soaked nuts and lemon juice into blender, and blend until the nuts are crushed. Add coconut milk, chia and a piece of banana, and blend a little bit more. Add coconut milk, if needed – the texture should be smooth and lovely.

3. Check the flavor – add more banana or lemon if needed. When the flavor is perfect, place into fridge for a moment.

4. Put the “cookie crumble” on on the bottom of the cup, spoon the pudding on top, and decorate with the crumble.

5. Ready – enjoy! ✨

Dairy free raw cashew lemon pudding with licorice cookie crumble


Wonderfully Nutty Ice Latte (Dairy-free)

Lovely dairyfree iced latte

What could be more wonderful than a cold ice latte on a hot summer day? I enjoy different types of coffee drinks, and sometimes even crave for an ice latte, even though I try to keep my coffee intake in a minimum (sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t). When you can’t be sure that the ice coffees you order in cafés are naturally sweetened and dairy-free versions of your favourite coffee drink, it’s best to prepare it yourself. If you prepare it ready to go in a glass bottle, it’s easy to grab along and enjoy anywhere you like – in the park, on a picnic, on the go or even in the car! The ice melts, of course, quite quickly, depending a bit on the weather, soi f you want to enjoy the drink with ice, best drink it soon after leaving home.

This dairy-free nutty ice latte has been sweetened with dates and peanut butter. You can add some variation to the recipe by different choices of non-dairy milk – this time I decided to use rice milk, but a dollop of coconut milk would’ve worked just as well.

Lovely dairyfree iced latte

Nutty Ice Latte (Dairy-free)

1 portion of strong organic espresso
1,5–2 dl your choice of non-dairy milk (e.g. rice milk, oat milk, soy milk)
1 Tsp peanut butter
1 date

Add the peanut butter, date and your choice of non-dairy milk into the blender. Blend for a while. Add ice into a serving glass, and pour the sweetened non-dairy milk on top, add lastly the espresso.

And there you have your perfect ice latte for a hot summer day! On colder days you might even think of drinking this warm – just pour the milk out of the blender into a small pot, heat it up, leave out the ice and drink your non-dairy latte warm.

Waiting for those hot summer days!


Lovely dairyfree iced latte

Non-Dairy seed yogurt with lemon and mango

Silkkinen siemenjogurtti mangolla & sitruunalla

Those of you who follow Wellberries on IG probably noticed that during Easter I was trying to develop different types of dairy-free substitutes for yogurt. First I tested a 100 % sesame seed yogurt, which tasted divine (and the calsium content in it is super high – eating just a portion a day of sesame yogurt could almost cover your daily recommended intake of it!), but I found that in the end using only sesame seeds isn’t the optimal choice.

So, I continued my search for a best seed or nut (or mixture of them), and I didn’t have to think about the problem for long before I realized that the best result most probably would come out of the soft tasting hemp seed – and their omega 3/omega 6 ratio is great as well.  And what about the protein? I use hemp seed in almost every vegan meal or salad that I eat to add some protein to the portion – hemp seeds contain even 25 grams of protein per each 100 grams. In addition to all that goodness, hemp seed also include all the essential amino acids and some less essential ones too. They are definitely one of my favourite seeds, so I was eager to try to make “yogurt” out of them,

In the end I couldn’t resist the temptation of adding into the mix some sesame seeds, as well, to add some extra calcium – we are talking about a substitute for yogurt, after all. One portion of this non-dairy yogurt will provide you with approximately 110 mg of well absorbing calcium.

Silkkinen siemenjogurtti mangolla & sitruunalla

In summary, this soft-tasting yogurt has a slightly nutty taste to it and contains lots of healthy goodies like calcium, protein, healthy fatty acids, and loads of good energy. The only thing missing in this yogurt substitute that I can think of are the natural probiotics occuring in the dairy yogurts. Of course, if you want to add some probiotics into this yogurt, you could add a probiotic capsule into the mix as well.

I can guarantee you that this non-dairy seed-based yogurt will keep your hunger at bay for a good long while. It’s a great start to the day!

Hemp Seed-Based Yogurt with Lemon & Mango

(for two)

1 dl peeled hemp seeds (soaked)
0,2 dl light sesame seeds (soaked)
4–5 Tbsp water
1 mango
2–3 Tbsp lemon juice
a sprinkle of vanilla powder

1. Let the hemp and sesame seed soak in water over the night (this will make their structure softer, lead to a silkier yogurt texture and activate the nutrients in the seeds.)

2. Right before preparing the yogurt, rinse the seeds and drain the water.

3. Pour all the ingredients into the blender and let the blender do its magic until the texture is silky smooth. Taste and add lemon to your liking.

Tip: this non-dairy yogurt is even better cold, so I suggest having it rest in the fridge for a while before serving!


Silkkinen siemenjogurtti mangolla & sitruunalla

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