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Raw energy bars with licorice and lucuma”fudge” coating

Raw energy bars with lucuma"fudge" and licorice Raw energy bars with lucuma"fudge" and licorice

May I present: possibly the best energy bars ever!
These lovely raw bars are made of lucuma”fudge”, raw licorice powder, peanut butter, different seeds and oh so nice and soft medjool dates. And like I said, they’re soo good!

When busy, I easily forget to eat (I know – quite strange for someone like me, who thinks about food and recipes like all the time, hah!) and notice it later, when I’m suddenly VERY hungry and need something really fast. In these situations, protein – and energy bars are the best, easy to eat anywhere and gives you good energy before real meal, that I actually never skip anyway. My bags are filled with different kind of bars, but sometimes I love to make them myself too.

One of my favorite bars is GetRaw – licorice bar, and I wanted something similar. These bars are a bit like them, but coated with raw lucuma”fudge”. It actually makes the bars a bit more candy-like (that is never a bad thing!). These bars are filled with good energy from different seeds and dates, fill you up and make great substitute for regular candy bars!

Doesn’t this all sound great? Let’s see the recipe itself now!


Raw energy bars with lucuma"fudge" and licorice

Raw energy bars with licorice and lucuma”fudge” coating 

approx 10-15 pieces

dry ingredients:
1 dl sesame seeds (unpeeled)
0,5 dl peeled hemp seeds
2 dl pumpking seeds
4 rkl chia seeds
0,5 tsp salt
1 rkl lucuma powder
2-4 rkl raw licorice powder (the amount needed depends on how the strong the powder used is)

wet ingredients:
10 soft medjool dates
3 tbls smooth peanut butter
2 tbls coconut oil
0,4 dl water

ca. 0,5 dl cocoa butter
ca. 0,5 dl lucuma powder
2 tbsp raw licorice powder
pinch of salt

1. Place the dry ingredients in a blender. Blend until rough flour. Put aside into a bowl.

2. Do the same for the wet ingredients.

3. Mix the dry and the sweet ingredients together. Make bars and put in the fridge. Leave for 30 minutes or so. (Mixing is easiest with wet hands.)

4. Prepare the coating: melt the cocoa butter in double boiler. Mix in lucuma, licorice and salt. Mix until smooth.

5. Take the bars from the fridge, and spread the coating. If desired, let the 1st layer harden, and add more coating with a small spoon – like this it’s easy to make some patterns on top.

6. Back to fridge for a moment, and then you’re all ready to go! Preserve the bars in fridge as well.

Raw energy bars with lucuma"fudge" and licorice