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Gluten free and vegan butternut squash pancakes

Hi again, lovely, after a break! I’m back, after a busy Autumn: we launched a new meal planning service with my friend and I’ve been really busy with the launch and all. We had change to visit two different live radio shows (exciting!!), have been giving some interviews and so on – really nice and it’s been simply amazing how much positive attention we have received for our service, Vegmeals (at the moment only in Finnish).

But now I’m back, and I didn’t come empty handed: I have some lovely, and I mean lovely, pancakes for you!

These gluten free and vegan butternut squash pancakes are simply the best! Delicious, easy, good ingredients (no refined sugar obviously) and so pretty too, when served with berry powders and coconut yogurt!

I made these pancakes for my little girl yesterday: she had a bit of fever and had to stay at home for the day. We mixed the ingredients together, and after that she concentrated on playing with pecan nuts and two jars, and I baked the pancakes. When the pancakes were ready we had a small pancake feast just between the two of us, and it made the day instantly better!

So, these gluten free butternut squash pancakes are totally family approved – I hope you’ll love them too.

Tuulia ♥

Gluten free and vegan butternut squash pancakes 

about 15 small pancakes

2 dl coconut milk
4 fresh dates, pitted
2 dl pureed butternut squash (around 200 g butternut squash steamed and mashed)
2 dl oat flour
n. 0,5 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
n. 0,5 dl water
virgin coconut oil

For serving: coconut yogurt, berry powders, berries, raw chocolate

1. Put the coconut milk and dates into a blender and mix unti smooth.
2. Mix the dry ingredients, and add the coconut-date milk and pureed butternut squash. Mix well.
3. Add the water slowly, until the dough is thick, but easy to mix.
4. Bake the pancakes with low heat with coconut oil. The pancakes are ready to be turned, when they get a little bit of color and move easily on the pan. Turn around, and bake until ready.
5. Mix the berry powders into the (plant based) yougurt, and decorate the pancakes as you wish. Enjoy!

Fresh Raw Chocolate-Figs

From time to time I try to remind myself of keeping things simple. Especially when it comes to recipes, it’s so easy to go a bit far with everything, even though I’m the biggest fan of simple treats. “Keep it simple, stupid” is maybe one of the greatest advices ever given, and with these lovely, fresh raw chocolate figs I really did follow this advice!

These pretty, pretty treats are perfect for easy dessert, for brunch or just for sweet snacking, when in need something a bit more special. Just melt the chocolate slowly in bain-marie, and dip the fresg figs into it, and that’s almost it! Just lovely.

Figs are one of the sweetest fruits on earth, and quite often we’ve been used to eat them dried. Nowadays, luckily, even our neighbour shop sells fresh ones as well, and I’m quite happy about it (and eating fresh figs frequently!). Fresh figs are sweet as candies, but are rich on fiber and calsium, too. And when eating them with raw chocolate, you get all the health benefits of it too: raw chocolate figs are a real feel-good treat!

I hope you have fresh figs available as well, and if you do, I recommend trying this easy and quick recipe: it’s delish!

Tuulia xx

Fresh Raw Chocolate-Figs 

Fresh figs
(Raw) chocolate
Here: unsweetened raw chocolate mass, maply syrup, salt (as much as you want: to taste)

For decoration: dried pomegranate seeds, shredded coconut

1. Place the chosem chocolate into bain-marie, and let melt
2. Wash, dry and chop the figs
3. Spice the choc if needed
4. Dip the fig pieces into the choc, place on top of parchemnt paper, and put into fridge for a while
5. When the choc has set up, you’re all ready! Enjoy!

Cute Rainbow Sweet Potato Cakes

Cute Rainbow Sweet Potato Cake (a.k.a rainbow toast)

Hey, lovely, welcome to Wellberries again! ♥

I’m really happy that you’re here right now, since today we’re making something super, super cute! These sweet potato cake slices are so delicious, and topped with rainbow / mermaid topping, fresh berries and other goodies – divine!

As you’ve most probably seen, Instagram is filled with oh so pretty unicorn and mermaid toasts, that are so lovely you would like to eat them all right away. Yep, me too! Anyways, I’ve been thinking about the (plant based) yogurt + toast combination. and for some reason it doesn’t really temp me that much in the end. But I really wanted to make super cute unicorn / rainbow toast myself, so had to come up with something else. And so I did, and I must say that the result was maybe even better I hoped!

Cute Rainbow Sweet Potato Cake (a.k.a rainbow toast)

Instead of toast I deiced to bake a cake, and make toasts out of that. At first I was all about banana bread, but in the end switched that idea to gluten free sweet potato cake. It’s almost like banana bread, but with sweet potato and dates instead of bananas. And I’m so happy I did so, ’cause the combination of mildly sweet sweet potato cake, yogurt, berry powders and other toppings is simply lovely!

Cute Rainbow Sweet Potato Cake (a.k.a rainbow toast)

I made the recipe in co-operation with Lejos, a company that imports Almond Breeze – almond milk and Nom Nom – 100% fruit “sweets”. Both of the brands suited well to the recipe, and because the cake is only mildly sweet, the fruit sweets were just perfect for decoration. Not too, but just sweet enough!

I hope you’ll love these rainbow sweet potato cakes slices as well – I must admit that I’m almost drooling while watching these pictures now, ha! Must make more, and soon!


Ps. Our favorite cake slice is there at the very end of this post – meow!


Cute Rainbow Sweet Potato Cake (a.k.a rainbow toast)

Cute Rainbow-Sweet Potato Cakes 

Sweet potato cake:
about 300 g of sweet potato
3 dl almond milk
10 fresh and soft dates, pitted
2 dl oat flour
2 dl rice flour
1,5 tl baking powder
0,5 tl salt
0,5 tl cardamom
0,25 dl sesam or coconut oil


to each of the yogurt toppings:
about  4 Tbsp plant based yogurt, as creamy as possible

1-2 Tbsp sea buchthorn powder / blueberry powder / spirulina / beetroot juice powder, etc!

fruit “candies”, berries, coconut flakes, etc!

The cake:
1. Heat the oven to 175 Celcius
2. Peel, dice, boil the sweet potato, until soft
3. Mix the pitted dates with almond milk in a blender, until smooth
4. Mix the dry ingredients
5. Add the almond milk – date – mixture into with the dry ingredients, and add oil
6. Line bread or cake mold with parchment paper, and spoon the dough into it. Bake for about 40-45 minutes, or until the cake is ready
7. Let the cake coold down well before cutting it!

On top:
1. Spoon the plant based yogurt into different bowls, and mix them all with different powders. Put into fridge until the cake is ready and all cooled down
2. Spoon the colorful and delicious toppings on top of sliced cakes. Use only one color or mix them!
3. Decorate with berries, dried fruits, etc.
4. Ready – time to feast!

Cute Rainbow Sweet Potato Cake (a.k.a rainbow toast)

Dreamy Fruit Pizza with Caramel Sauce (gluten free, vegan)

Dreamy Fruit Pizza with Caramel Sauce (gluten free, vegan)

For a moment now I’ve been dreaming of sweet  fruit and berry pizza. I’ve been browsing Pinterest & Instagram, drooling over delicious pictures while planning how my sweet pizza would look and taste like.. Most of the sweet pizzas are chocolate ones, but for some reason I’ve noticed that I was dreaming of caramel-like pizza, with lucuma”caramel”mousse and lucuma caramel sauce, with heaps of berries and fruits on top.

I sweetened the base with only banana, for it to be a bit sweet but not too much, since the lucuma-caramel toppings would be sweet enough. Lucuma might actually be one of my favorite superfood powders of all time: it’s versatile, and the caramel taste (when combined with coconut oil or cream) is just lovely, but in the end of the day you’re still eating a fruit, only in dried and powdered form! I use lucuma almost every day, and lately have noticed that most often combined with strong raw licorice, like in these Licorice-Date Fudges or in these Lucuma Blondies, Oh and these Mulberry Lucuma Candies are simply divine!

Dreamy Fruit Pizza with Caramel Sauce (gluten free, vegan)

I chose all the lovely, fresh and sweet berries and fruits on top, and the result with caramel mousse and caramel sauce was delicious! A perfect dessert, or a pretty queen of a brunch menu. By changing the fruits and berries you can variate the taste of the pizza almost endlessly, and follow the seasons of fruits and berries, too!

Oh and thanks to the coconut flour the pizza is high in fibre, and thanks to the berries and fruits, it’s full of vitamins, antioxidants, and all the good stuff.


Dreamy Fruit Pizza with Caramel Sauce (gluten free, vegan)

Dreamy Fruit Pizza with Caramel Sauce (gluten free, vegan)

serves four-six

pizza base:
1 dl rice or other mild gluten free flour
about 0,5 dl coconut flour
1 ripe banana
about 2 dl oatmilk (or other plant based milk)
1 Tbsp psyllium
hint of salt
0,5 tsp ceylonin cinnamon
1 tsp baking powder
2 Tbsp virgin coconut oil (melted)

Lucuma mousse:
1 dl oat jogurt
1 dl coconut yogurt / cream
about 1,5 dl lucuma powder
1-2 Tbsp maple syrup (or honey)

“caramel” sauce:
about 0,5 dl virgin coconut oil, melted
about 0,75 dl lucuma powder
hint of salt

1. Heat the oven to 200 degrees (Celcius)
2. Mix all the dr ingredients
3. Mash the banana, and mix with milk. Add to dry mix together with coconut oil. Mix well. (There is sometimes differences between coconut flours, so you might need to adjust the amount of milk or flours.)
5. Bake for about 30 minutes, or until the pizza base has got some color and it comes of easily from the parchment paper. Let cool down.
7. Prepare the mousse: mix all the ingredients together and set aside for a moment.
8. Mix all the ingredients for the caramel sauce, and if needed, add a bit more of lucuma, so that you end up with a rich, creamy caramel-like sauce.
9: Prepare all the fruits and berries for the topping.
10. When the pizza base has cooled down, spread the lucuma mousse on top, then berries and fruits. Decorate with the lovely caramel-like sauce, and enjoy!

Dreamy Fruit Pizza with Caramel Sauce (gluten free, vegan)

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