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Sunny Sweet Potato Mango Porridge (GF, V)

Sweet potato-mango porridge (GF, V) Sweet potato-mango porridge (GF, V)

Winter is still going strong here in the North, and we just had a few really, really grey weeks. A couple of days ago I was at a playground with my daughter, and I saw a glimpse of the sun behind a cloud. I got excited (ha) and started to point it to her. She was staring at the cloud and then back at me, clearly trying to figure out what was happening, and yep, let’s face it, maybe it wasn’t so easy to understand what I meant. Anyway, the glimpse of sun made me realise how badly I do miss the spring and summer time. Oh pretty please, spring, come already!

But as we still have some time before spring really hits these latitudes, I felt I had to come up with something sunny. And here it is! Lovely (and gluten-free of course) mango- sweet potato porridge, topped with oh-so-delicious cardamom granola and berries.

Sweet potato-mango porridge (GF, V)

The weekend was actually really pretty here as well (had a lovely walk on ice), and it’s still sunny (but cold, brrr) as we speak. I just prepared more of this porridge, and I have to tell you: when enjoying this yellow and delicious porridge and the sun is shining outside it’s really easy to believe that spring is really just around the corner!

The mango sweet potato porridge is of course gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for vegans as well. It’s nutritious, filling and very easy to prepare, too!

I hope you’ll love it!

Tuulia xx

Sweet potato-mango porridge (GF, V) Gluten-free and vegan Mango-Sweet Potato Porridge 

for two

2 dl buckwheat flakes
1 dl plant based milk + 1 dl water OR 2 dl water
1 Tbsp ghee / virgin coconut oil
about 300 g mango (fresh or frozen)
about 200 g piece of sweet potato
hint of salt

1. Peel the sweet potato and dice it. Boil until soft.
2. Add buckwheat flakes and liquids into a kettle, and season with salt and cardamom. Let boil with low heat until cooked.
3. Peel mango and dice it too. Add the mango and cooked sweet potato to the porridge, and mix with a hand blender, until smooth and nice. If you use frozen mango, the porridge will of course be cold. If you don’t like that, no worries – just put the kettle back on the stove and heat the porridge.
4. Serve the porridge with granola and berries.

2 dl buckwheat / gluten free oat flakes
1 dl sunflower seeds
1 dl pumpkin seeds
4 Tbsp ghee / virgin coconut oil
1,5 tsp cardamom
2 Tbsp lucuma powder
4 medium sized dried figs
(2 Tbsp maple syrup, if desired)

There will be a lot of granola left, and it’s perfect with other porridges, oatgurts and so on. Store it in a glass jar.

1. Heat the oven to 175 degrees.
2. Mix all the ingredients together and spread onto an oven tray.
3. Heat for about 15 minutes, until the granola is golden brown and lovely.

Leftover Rice Porridge Waffles (gluten free, vegan)


Hi again everyone, I hope your Christmas and holidays were lovely! Ours went well: I had some time to wind down, spend quality time with family and friends, and of course, we ate well. My daughter fell ill, which was a minor setback, but as we were forced to spend most of the time inside I had a lot of time for recipe testing and cooking in general – a silver lining.

This years’ last collaboration is with Urtekram, and the theme was rice porridge, which is a very typical Finnish breakfast at Christmas time. I was excited when I heard the theme – I actually love rice porridge, especially when cooked slowly in a mixture of coconut milk and rice milk. Rice porridge is one of my favorite Christmas traditions, so I tend to cook a lot of it, most often too much. And you know, when Christmas is over, I usually still have some left in the fridge, and it might get a little bit boring by this time already.

But that being said, not this year! I realised that the solution for (boring) leftover porridge has been in front of me the whole time, in form of a waffle iron. Yep, keep on reading, there are some waffles coming up!


When I realised that I could easily transform my leftover rice porridge into a delicious stack of waffles, I got even more excited. And after tasting them, it was clear that the excitement wasn’t for nothing: the waffles were so, so nice! And super easy and quick to prepare!

This time I served my leftover porridge waffles with persimmon, pistachios and creamy coconut milk – you can of course serve them with almost any fruits, nuts or berries, but as it is still the best season for persimmons, I suggest you try them. It’s almost like having candies on top of the waffles (but make sure, that the persimmons are ripe).

Wishing you delicious leftover waffle moments, Tuulia xx


Leftover Rice Porridge Waffles with Persimmon, Pistachios and Creamy Coconut Milk
2 dl rice porridge (cooked in plant based milk)
2 dl coconut milk (or another plant based milk)
1 ripe banana
2 dl rice flour
1 Tbsp psyllium
1 tsp baking powder
vanilla powder
hint of salt
(1-2 Tbsp clear honey or maple syrup)

To serve: persimmons, pistachios, creamy coconut milk

1. Mix the coconut milk with the rice porridge in a bowl. Add the banana, and mix everyhting together with a hand blender, until smooth.

2. Mix the dry ingredients together (including the spices), and heat up the waffle iron.

3. Mix the dry and the wet ingredients together. Check the flavor, and if desired add a pinch of sweetener.

4. Oil the waffle iron lightly with virgin coconut oil, and bake the waffles. Dice up the persimmons, grind coarsely the pistachio nuts. Serve the waffles with them and coconut milk. Ah, bliss!


Gluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridge

gluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridgegluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridge

The weather is getting cold and colder every day as we’re approaching long and dark winter here in the north. About the weather I’m not so crazy about, but I do love comforting winter food and porridges! Now if ever is the perfect time to enjoy some spicy and warming dishes, like this lovely hot coconut oat porridge seasoned with chai tea and rosemary. (Actually the first snow is falling as we speak, but not as beautiful, fluffy white flakes, but more in the form of wet sleet. I’m craving to have this porridge, hah!)

Along with other Asennemedia’s bloggers I’ve been creating recipes to one of my favorite brands, Urtekram. All the recipes I’ve created have been tasty and nice, but this one might be my favorite: the porridge is easy, it has only a few ingredients, and it’s almost like a dessert even though it’s still a porridge and totally suitable for an evening snack.

gluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridgegluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridge

The Hari-teas are organic, delicious (the flavors are really strong) and the packages are beutiful. The brand has been created by same people who have been working with Yogi-tea brand as well, and all the variants are based on strong spice mix. The filosophy behing the products is based on ayuerveda and the packages have recommendations for body types – this part I just skipped thought, since the chai variant was just perfect for the porridge.

So I cooked my porridge with coconut and rice milk. Coconut milk was first sweetened with dates, and rice milk boiled and stewed with chai tea and some fresh rosemary. The spicy scent of the porridge floated around the kitchen, and I was sold. Just perfect comfort food for the cold winter! I hope you’ll love it too!

Stay warm, Tuulia xx

gluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridge

Gluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridge

2 dl gluten free rolled oats
2 dl coconut milk
4 medjool dates (pitted)
3 dl plant based milk
3 bags of chai-tea
1 fresh rosemary spring

pecan nuts

1. Put coconut milk and pitted dates into blender. Blend until smooth.

2. Put plant based milk into a kettle with rosemary spring, and heat up until boiling. Remove from the stove and add tea bags. Let brew at least 15 minutes or when the plant based milk tastes strong enough.

3. Remove both tea bags and rosemary from the kettle, and pour coconut”caramel” in along with rolled oats. Boil, until the porridge is ready.

4. Cut the pomegranate open by first removing the “cap”. Use knife to make 3-4 long cuts and tear the parts away from each other. Separate the seeds.

5. Decorate the porridge with the seeds and pecan nuts. Enjoy! ✨

gluten and dairy free chai caramel oat porridge

The recipe was created in co-operation with Urtekram, but the opinions are always my own.


Gentle Cinnamon Coconut Pear Porridge

Sweet oat porridge with pears and cinnamon <3 (gluten and dairy free)

I’ve delightfully noticed that it’s the Finnish season for pears again, but I haven’t had yet any opportunity to go and buy some. Usually I put pears into my smoothie or eat them as such, but this time I decided use them to sweeten my porridge. Apple and cinnamon are a very traditional combination to spice up a porridge, but I feel that the soft sweetness of the pear suits into a warm porridge even better!

The idea was to make an easy basic porridge into which I’d cook the pear. In the end, I took the idea a bit further – and out came a lovely pear and coconut porridge with caramellized pear slices. The porridge was delicious, and it’s wonderful for those moments when you’re craving something extra (and delicious!) in your day. I must admit, though, that already the pear and coconut porridge was super good, even without the caramellized pears. So, the pear and coconut porridge is perfect both for those moments when you’re in a hurry and your normal routine, the pear providing its natural sweetness to the portion.

Sweet oat porridge with pears and cinnamon <3 (gluten and dairy free)Sweet oat porridge with pears and cinnamon <3 (gluten and dairy free)

Coconut Pear Porridge with Caramellized Pears

2 dl rolled oats (gluten-free)
2,5 dl coconut milk
2,5 dl water
a dash of salt
2 pears
1 Tsp Ceylon cinnamon
0,5 Tbsp butter (for dairy-free: virgin coconut oil)

Prepare the porridge first: mix the rolled oats into the liquids and add a dash of salt. Cube the pear into small cubicles and add them into the mix. Stir well and cook until done.

Cut the other pear into thin slices. Sauté the slices on a frying pan with some butter, then add some cinnamon and a sprinkle of coconut sugar. Let the pear slices simmer for a while. Serve the porridge with the caramellized pear slices.

Sweet oat porridge with pears and cinnamon <3 (gluten and dairy free)

Wishing you dreamy soft porridge moments,

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