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Lovely Raw Cake Jar

When I first started my blog, few years ago, I was totally crazy about raw cakes. They were something quite new here in Finland and I spend countless hours developing, testing, tasting and planning new cakes – no wonder I got a bit bored with them after all! Lately I’ve been making raw cakes only if someone has asked me to make one, for a party or something similar.

The basic base for raw cakes is usually made from cashews, as you most probably now, and in co-operation with Earth Control I had the chance to develop a recipe for their cashew-cranberry mix. When I saw the bag I noticed the old raw cake lover inside me waking up: could it be possible to mix the dried cranberries to the base of a cake, I wondered? And you know what: it for sure was! The dried cranberries add some natural sweetness to the cake, and a bit on nice color as well (for the color I used also beetroot juice powder).

Instead of normal cake tin I decided to use small jars: aren’t they pretty? You can of course do the cake into a tin as well, but then double the ingredients: now the recipe is for two-three portions (jars).

Raw cake in a jar is a nice detail for a table setting, a brunch or for a party buffet, and I saved some of the base dough for the decoration of the jars. The preparation is very easy, and no worries if you don’t have beetroot juice powder – you can leave it out as well. The colour will of course be different, but the cake jars will taste lovely even without it.

The cake jars are filled with good energy from cashews, and natural sweetness from dates, coconut and orange. If you decide to use beetroot juice powder as well, you will add a great amount of health effects – the cake jars are real feel-good treats!

Tuulia xx

Lovely Raw Cake Jar (GF, D, V)

serves two – three

about 0,5 dl gluten free oat flakes
about 1,25 dl diced dried dates
2 Tbsp shredded coconut
(1-2 Tbsp water, depending on the moist of the dried dates)

2 dl Earth Control Cashew-cranberry mix (soaked over night or min 4 h)
0,5 dl virgin coconut oil (melted)
1 medium (organic) orange
1-2 Tbsp honey or maple syrup
1 tsp beetroot juice powder (for the pink color, you can leave it out as well)

1. Make the base: put all the ingredients into a blender and mix. Depending on how moist the dates are, you might need a bit of water: the dough should be quite easy to press on the bottom of the jars, but not too tight (it should be easy to eat them with from the jar). Put into a freezer for a moment.

2. Press the dough lightly in the jars, but save some of the base for decoration.

3. Prepare the dough: rinse the soaked nut-cranberry mix and add into a powerful blender with rest of the ingredients. Mix until smooth and lovely: if you have organic orange and prefer stronger orange-flavor, you can add some zest as well.

4. Pour it to the jars, and put the jars into a fridge for at least couple of hours, or over night. When the raw cake jars are ready, decorate with the bottom crust, and enjoy!

The Most Wonderful Christmas Cake

Raw Christmas cake with glogg topping Raw Christmas cake with glogg topping

This wonderful seasonal cake is most probably one of the most delicious raw cakes that I’ve prepared in a while. Or well, it’s more of a semi-raw cake, as the topping is congealed using gelatin (if you’re vegan, you can use e.g. agar-agar powder) and I’ve used normal organic glögi (a Finnish seasonal spiced warm drink, similar to mulled wine). Of course you could make your glögi from scratch out of blackcurrant juice and spices, but this time I decided to take a short cut and use a store-bought glögi. I was inspired to create this cake by my namesake Tuulia’s wonderful gingerbread raw cake and the Christmas cake I tasted in my neighbourhood café in which the bottom crust was made out of gluten-free gingerbread. I also skipped baking my own gingerbread cookies for the crust, and instead used a mixture of almond meal, dates and spices – which turned great!

This cake had the honour of serving as our little girl’s 1-month birthday cake, although she herself got to taste this cake a bit later and a somewhat altered form, haha. Time does fly, and indeed soon it’s Christmas as well. Where does all that time disappear? I’m sure I’ll be preparing this cake again, at least for our Christmas celebrations served together with this delicious date cake [linkki reseptiin]. I’ll bet that our Christmas cake servings are well catered with these two easy cakes. Maybe you’ll do the same thing!

Wishing you a glögi-scented Christmas,

Raw Christmas cake with glogg topping

The Most Wonderful of Christmas Cakes (The ’Glögi Cake’)

prepared into a 18-cm cake mold

1,5 dl almond meal
1 Tsp gingerbread spice
10 dates
0,5 Tsp salt
virgin coconut oil to grease the mold

3,5 dl cashew nuts (soaked, preferrably overnight)
1 dl virgin coconut oil (melted)
½ banana
1 dl strong glögi (organic, or self-made)
1 Tsp real vanilla powder
1 Tsp cardamom

2 dl strong glögi (organic, or self-made)
2 Tbsp gelatin powder

coconut flakes

Prepare the crust first: mix the ingredients in the blender until the dates have mixed in with the almond meal and the dough is easy to press into the bakingsheet covered cake mold with removable sides. Put the cake mold aside into the freezer for the time that you’re preparing the filling.

Put the cashew nuts into the blender and blend for a while, then add the other ingredients. Spread the filling on top of the crust and place the cake back into the cold. Let the cake congeal for another ten minutres.

Prepare the glaze: pour 1 dl of glögi in a small pot and mix in the gelatin powder. Heat up, and when the gelatin has dissolved into the liquid, add the other delitre of glögi into the pot. Pour the glaze on top of the cake and move the cake to solidify in the cold until the glaze has congealed.

Raw Christmas cake with glogg topping Raw Christmas cake with glogg topping

Wellcake – Lemon (Semi-)Raw Cake (nut-free)

Wellcake - sitruunainen semiraakakakku Wellcake - sitruunainen semiraakakakku

At last, I get to write to you about my new favourite cake! I’ve developed this Wellcake recipe for Terranova, and during the beginning of the year it’s turned into one of my favourites. It’s not only delicious, but also easy to take to any party (I’ve made it for a few parties myself), and it holds together wonderfully. This cake is actually only almost a raw cake, as I’ve used gelatine to bring some more traditional cheesecake feel and texture into it. Using gelatine of course takes the otherwise raw cake out of the raw food category, so I’ve been calling it a semi-raw cake.

One of the cake’s secret ingredients is the Terranova ’Living Wellbeing Super Blend’. This product contains nutrients, fatty acids, and proteins especially good for the wellbeing of both our skin and body. The powder has been composed to have its ingredients work in a healthy synergy with each other: together these ingredients help support general health and wellbeing, provide energy, and support the vitality of the skin tissue.

The Wellcake is thus a wonderful cake that is not only delicious, but also nutritious, high with good-quality energy, and great food to support our general wellbeing. The ’Living Wellbeing Super Blend’ is of course recommended to be consumed on a daily basis in order to prompt its positive effects – enjoying it in the form of a piece of cake isn’t such a bad option to enjoy one’s daily dose of wellbeing, I’d say! Honey and the cake’s sweet bottom crust form a wonderful balance to the tang of the lemon, and coconut cream gives a lovely touch of creaminess to this version of a ’cheese cake’.



(about 8–10 portions)

Bottom crust:
2,5 dl dried dates
1 dl rolled oats (gluten-free)
1 dl coconut flakes
1 Tbsp virgin coconut oil
a pinch of salt

250 g coconut cream (in a carton, stored in the cold)
0,5 dl cacao butter
2 Tsp Terranova Living Wellbeing Super Blend powder
2 Tbsp honey
1 banana
2 organic lemons
0,5 Tsp vanilla powder
1 Tbsp gelatine powder

Decoration: coconut sugar, coconut flakes

1. Prepare the crust: Chop the dates smaller, and put all the ingredients in the blender. Blend it all together until the dough starts to form. The dough is supposed to be easily mouldable. Line a cake mould (diameter ca. 16 cm) with removable sides with a baking sheet and grease it with virgin coconut oil. Spread the dough evenly onto the bottom of the tin and place it into the refrigerator while you prepare the filling.

2. Without shaking the package before, cut the corner of the coconut cream carton, and pour away the fluid that has separated in the cold. Spoon out the congealed cream from the carton into the blender.

3. Melt the cacao butter in a warm water bath. Add the melted cacao butter, the juice of one lemon, and its finely grated zest, the banana, honey, vanilla, and the ’Living Wellbeing’ powder into the blender. Mix until smooth.

4. Mix the gelatine powder into the juice of the other lemon. Heat about 3 tablespoons of water to boil, and add it into the lemon and gelatine powder mix. Stir well until the liquids are evenly mixed. Add the mixture into the coconut filling mixing it gently and thoroughly into the filling.

5. Pour the filling on top of the crust, and then move the cake to set in the cold for about six hours (be sure to check before serving that the cake has firmed thoroughly, inside out) or over night. Decorate the cake right before serving, store in the fridge.


The cake is super easy to prepare the evening before a party or an event, so on the actual serving day you won’t need to be fussing over the dessert in addition to all the rest of the things – just remember to take the cake out just a bit before serving and remove from the cake mould. A little tip: you can heat the sides of the cake mould with warm water to help remove the cake from the sides.

Wishing you delightful (semi-)raw cake moments,


Wellcake - sitruunainen semiraakakakku Wellcake - sitruunainen semiraakakakku

The recipe was created for Terranova.