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Licorice-date bliss balls

Licorice date bliss balls

Licorice date bliss balls

In the last blog posting we were enjoying porridge all day, so maybe now it’s time to move directly into dessert-section!

These licorice-date bliss balls are incredibly easy, almost too easy one could say! While making these I found myself wondering how it is even possibly to make something this divine using only few ingredients? These licorice-date bliss balls make you forget candy even ever existed, haha!

I got the inspiration from I Finnish blog called Viimeistä murua myöten, where Saara was making even more simple version of these babies. When I saw the recipe I knew that it was a must try, but in the end I added some crushed seeds into the bliss ball dough. I love everything crunchy, and made this recipe for Urtekram, using their organic sun flower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Lovely!

I love the fact that seeds bring some nutritional value to the treats as well, but also makes you to chew them – this helps the digestion, too!

Licorice date bliss balls

Licorice date bliss balls

These licorice-date bliss balls are soft and a bit chewy, gluten free of course and vegan as well. I coated them with same strong licorice powder they have inside as well, and used also some beetroot juice powder. The beetroot juice powder has a pretty colour and a lovely taste, but doesn’t do so well with the humidity of a fridge – that is why I recomment skipping this powder, if you’re planning to keep the treats in the fridge longer: the licorice powder is better for that!

The treats don’t have any solid fats to keep them hard, so they might get a bit soft – don’t store these in room temperature, or at least pop the into the freezer for a moment before serving. This way they are lovely, nice and a bit chewy.

I hope you’ll love the recipe – I’m totally in love myself!
Tuulia ♥

Licorice date bliss balls

Licorice-date bliss balls

15 soft medjool-dates, pitted
2-3 Tbsp strong raw licorice powder
5 Tbsp sunflower seeds
5 Tbsp pumpkin seeds

For coating:
raw licorice powder
(beetroot juice powder, other berry powders)

1. Spoon the seeds into a blender, and ground them.

2. Add the pitted dates. Mix until smooth.

3. Spoon the dough into a bowl and put into a freezer for about 20 minutes. It’s ready when you can easily make small balls out of it.

4. Coat the bliss balls with powders you have chosen. Eat right away, or store in fridge / freezer. If you keep the in freezer, take them out a while before serving them. Enjoy!

Licorice date bliss balls This recipe was made in co-operation with Urtekram.

The Best Feel-Good (Mulberry) Candies

Feel Good Mulberry CandiesFeel good mulberry candies

Phew, and finally! We’re back home, after three and a half months of living in different, temporary apartments. Nothing is in it’s place yet and there are unpacked bags everywhere, but I couldn’t care less: it’s lovely to be at home! The end of last year was more than tiring, and the last month we lived at my parents’ house. It was nice to stay in a familiar place and have company (and help), but because of all this I’ve been unable to give my blog (and you guys) as much time as I would’ve desired. But now this will change, and let’s get started with these amazing feel-good candies: the best Mulberry candies, in three different flavors!

Feel Good Mulberry Candies

I was shopping at Ruohonjuuri, which is a local health food chain, and noticed something lovely: lucuma-coated mulberries. I bought some (delicious!) but only after paying for the at cashier I realized that a small bag of them was actually really expensive. I started to wonder if I could prepare them myself, and it turned out that not only was it possible, but also really, and I mean really, easy!

So, because the lucuma mulberry sweets were lovely and very candy-like, I took the idea a bit further. When I was still eating candy I used to love salty licorice, so I had to have licorice mulberries as well, of course, with the salty caramel (lucuma) mulberries. And since I was clearly going to have feel-good candy feast, I wanted to have something akin to fruit candy as well. This was where beetroot juice powder came along.

I have to admit that the first batch disappeared so fast that I had to make new ones to take photos of them – but that is always a good sign for a recipe, right?

Feel good mulberry candies Feel Good Mulberry Candies

Each of the three candy recipes require only three ingredients (except the salty caramel mulberries have salt as a fourth ingredient), of which two are the same in all the recipes: mulberries and cocoa butter. In addition to the ingredients you need a baking tray, parchment paper and a way to melt the cocoa butter. That’s all!

The recipe is simply divine. The candies are so so good, easy, and basicallt you can’t screw it up – it is that easy! The candies have only natural ingredients, no added sugar and at the same time as they’re delicious, they’re nutritious as well! They make ditching candies easy, and are full of goodness: vitamin C, iron, calcium, fiber, protein, B vitamins, potassium, folate and many other goodies. Superb!

Oh yes, beetroot in candies? Yep, that’s right. Beetroot juice powder is actually surprisingly sweet, and together with mulberries they taste so good! Try it yourself, and you’ll see!

My own favorite, ex licorice addict as I am, was of course the licorice mulberries, but the salty caramel mulberries are lovely as well. As are the beet mulberries, ha! Together these three feel-good candies make one great candy mixture, for parties, movie nights or for what ever situation in which you’re used to craving normal candies. Perfect!

Wishing you lovely feel-good candy moments ✨

Feel Good Mulberry Candies

The Best Feel-Good (Mulberry) Candies

1) Salty caramel Mulberries
about 3 dl mulberries
about 0,5 dl cocoa butter, melted
lucuma powder

1. Put a parchment paper sheet on a baking tray and spread the mulberries. Pour the melted cocoa butter on top, and mix with hands until the mulberries are coated with cocoa butter.
2. Add lucuma powder little by little. I didn’t measure the powder, but you will see when there is no need to add more lucuma (around 0.2-0.4 dl I’d say). Mix the powder well with the berries, it starts to stick, and you end up with feel-good candies!
3. Sprinkle some salt on top, and put into s fridge for a moment.

2) Licorice Mulberries
about 3 dl mulberries
about 0.5 dl cocoa butter, melted
raw licorice powder (NB not licorice root powder, but licorice powder – it’s stonger)

Prepare the same way as the Salty Caramel lucumas. You’ll need less licorice powder than lucuma. Add the powder little by little, and you’ll see when it’s enough.

3) Beet Mulberries
n. 3 dl mulberries
n. 0,5 dl cocoa butter, melted
beetroot juice powder

Prepare as mentioned above. You’ll need even less beetroot juice powder than licorice powder. Add the powder little by little, and you’ll see when there’s enough.

So here we go. Your feel-good candy moment is all set! ✨

Feel Good Mulberry Candies

Ps. If you’re pregnant or have hight blood pressure, I recommend you stick with Salty Caramel Mulberries and Beet Mulberries.

Layered chia pudding with a little bit of everything ✨

Layered chia pudding with a little bit of everything

Finally we’re at our new home, after long spring and some unfortunate events, that extended our renovation with almost a month. Even though I’m sitting here between boxes and bags, I’m more than happy: it’s just great to be here after living at my parents place (oh yes). When I look outside of the window, the greenness greets me and I must admit that this is what I’ve been missing while living almost in the centre of Helsinki. Luckily we’re still quite close to my favourite parts of the city, but closer to nature as well.

The first thing I started unpacking was of course kitchen: how I had missed my Vitamix! I was graving many things, and ended up making a layered chia pudding, with a little bit of everything: raspberries, turmeric, raw licorice, oat yogurt, lemon balm, ginger, avokado, peeled hemp seeds.. You name it!

It might sound a bit peculiar, but I can assure you, that the layers play well with each other. The raspberries and licorice are quite sweet, but  just perfect when combined with the topping of lemon palm and apple, and the lowest part with oat yogurt and turmeric balances the flavors nicely. I added some black pepper to the lowest part as well, to increase the bioavailability of the turmeric – after this spring I really need all the goodness turmeric has to offer, haha.

From here it’s good to start the summer holiday: tomorrow we’re off to our summer cottage, where I will spend time in the nature, enjoy the sauna, swimming and sup boarding, and hopefully will have some time for reading as well. And spend some quality time with family, of course.

And guess what! I actually heard some wild rumours, that the blueberries are starting to be ready soon – can’t wait.

Hoping some relaxing moments to you too,

Layered chia pudding with a little bit of everything

Layered chia pudding ”with a little bit of everything” 

for two

1st layer:
1 dl oat yougurt
2 tbsp chia seeds
n. 1/4 tsp ginger powder
n. 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
pinch of black pepper
1 tsp honey (vegan: maple or coconut syrup)

2nd layer:
2-3 dl fresh raspberries (or melted wild raspberries)
1-2 tbsp chia seeds
0,5 dl coconut milk
1-2 tsp raw licorice powder
1 medjool date

3 rd layer:
1/2 bunch of fresh lemon balm
1/2 dl peeled hemp seeds
1/2 avokado
1 dl oat yougurt
0,25 dl coconut milk
1/2 green apple

on top: lemon balm, bee pollen (vegaani; leave the bee pollen out)

1. Make the 1st layer: mix everything together by hand in a small bowl.

2. Make the 2nd layer: mix everything togerther in a blender, blend until smooth. (Remember to take the date seed away)

3. Make the 3rd layer in a blender as well (clean the blender before): mix everything until smooth.

4. Spoon the layers carefully on top of each other, sprinke some bee pollen and lemon balm leaves on top. Enjoy ✨Layered chia pudding with a little bit of everything

Pick Me Up – Lovely Raw Tiramisu

18Lifting raw tiramisu

In cooperation with Asennemedia and Urtekram

Did you know that the name of the this dessert classic, tiramisu, literally translates to ’pick me up’? The idea was that the dessert wouldn’t tire you, but one up and refresh the diner after the main course. I’ve never studied Italian, but I heard this story years ago from my half-Italian ex-boyfriend, and for some reason both the phrase and the dessert have lingered in my mind. Maybe the idea of having a dessert both light and refreshing was already back then tempting, but to tell you the truth, I don’t believe that the amount of mascarpone and sugar typically used in this dessert would leave anyone feeling light and refreshed even if the dessert does contain some coffee.

But now everything is different, this raw tiramisu won’t cause you to bloat or leave you tired afterwards. Even the sweeteners are safer options – dates, a few tablespoons of coconut sugar, and maple syrup. The nuts and seeds in this recipe are, of course, heavy so even a small piece of this delight will suffice to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and lift you up!

Lifting raw tiramisu

This recipe was written in cooperation with Urtekram, and it contains the their high-quality, mild tasting organic virgin coconut oil [linkki]. I love virgin coconut oil in general, and due to its pure taste Urtekram’s virgin coconut oil is one of my favourites. In addition to taste, its important for me that the coconut oil I use is organice, so Urtekram is a natural choice in that as well, as the company has a history with organic products since 1972. In Urtekram’s case it is indeed in place to speak of their pioneering efforts in providing consumers with organic options, and I support the company with a good mood and clear conscience.

As I mentioned, virgin coconut oil is indeed a staple product in our household. I use it in oil pulling, as well as in my deodorant (some more about this in another blog post), in both my own skincare and that of our little daughter Amalia’s, and of course I use it in a very versatile manner in our kitchen. Coconut oil provides a solidifying element in raw pastries, tastes good in a blender-zapped power coffee, provides energy and warms one up on a cold day even in a cup of tea. Coconut oil is a wonderful choice also in all kind of frying and oven-baking, and a natural choice as a dairy-free cooking fat.

But let’s get back to the topic of this blog post: our wonderful mouthwatering raw tiramisu! After a while of thinking over this assignment, I remembered receiving requests and comments from my readers regarding a recipe for a raw tiramisu. This is how I ended up preparing this wonderful dessert, and I was so lucky in doing so, as this tiramisu really came out v e r y good. So, thank you to everyone who requested this recipe!

Wishing you light and uplifting dessert moments,
tuulia xx

Lifting raw tiramisu

Raw Tiramisu

approx. 6 portions

Bottom layer:
2 dl sunflower seeds
2 Tbsp virgin coconut oil
sprinkle of salt
0,5 Tsp vanilla powder
1,2 dl dried dates (approx. 12 dates)
1 Tsp instant coffee (in the bottom layer mix)
2 Tbsp strong coffee (to moisten the layer)

2,5 dl cashew nuts (soaked, preferrably overnight, min. 4 hours)
0,75 dl virgin coconut oil (melted)
3 Tbsp coconut sugar
0,75 dl coconut milk
1 Tsp vanilla powder
sprinkle of salt

Chocolate layering:
3 Tbsp virgin coconut oil
1–2 Tbsp maple syrup
2–3 Tbsp raw cacao powder
sprinkle of salt
sprinkle of vanilla powder

Icing (optional – you can also decorate the dessert with cacao powder):
0,5 dl cashew nuts (soaked, preferrably overnight, min. 4 hours)
approx. 1 dl coconut cream (the solidified part in a coconut milk tin)
vanilla powder
raw cacao powder

I prepared the tiramisu into a 12 cm x 18 cm dish, and cut it into serving-sized portions after the tiramisu had solidified.

1. Start by preparing the bottom layer: start with blending the sunflower seeds into a course meal in the blender, add then the other ingredients except for the strong coffee. Mix until the the dough is mouldable. Pat the dough into the bottom of the preparing dish (I would suggest lining the dish with baking sheets to ease taking the cake out of the mould later), and moisten it with strong coffee. Leave the bottom layer to rest in a cold place.

2. Prepare the filling: blend the nuts into a fine mixture in the blender and add in the other ingredients. Mix until the mixture is silky soft and tastes divine. Spoon the mixture evenly on top of the bottom layer, and move the dish back into the cold.

3. Prepare the chocolate layering in a warm water bath: mix all the ingredients together, pour the mixture evenly atop the the filling, and move the cake back into the cold. Let the tiramisu congeal in the refridgerator for a good while, overnight if possible. Cut the tiramisu into pieces only after you’re sure that the cake has congealed thoroughly.

4. Before serving, prepare the icing. Blend the nuts into a fine paste and add in rest of the ingredients. Pipe or spoon the icing on top of the tiramisu, and finalize with a sprinkle of raw cacao powder. There will be some left-over icing, and you may use it in a smoothie or eat it as such with porridge or pancakes. A smaller portion would be difficult to prepare in a blender, so this is why the ingredients are written for a larger amount of icing than needed.

Store the tiramisu in the fridge and take it out just before serving. This way the filling will have time to soften just the slightest.

Lifting raw tiramisu Lifting raw tiramisu