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Very Berry Smoothie

This smoothie is not only really beautiful, it’s super good for you, too! The texture is thick and rich, and it contains heapfuls of fresh berries that you don’t have the luxury of using during winter: cherries and black berries. This smoothie was developed for Terranova, so you know it – the health benefit are maxed to the top. This time I used Terranova’s Cherry, Nettle and Turmeric Super Blend.

In addition to the vitamins and nutrients of fresh berries and chia seeds, this smoothie contains Montmore cherry, nettle, turmeric, ginger, and celery – all high-quality ingredients straight from nature picked into this food supplement to help repress inflammation, pain, and support our joints’ wellbeing. The product (and this smoothie) is especially good for people with joint problems, but it’s good for the rest of us as well!


Very Berry Cherry Smoothie

(two portions)

4 dl fresh cherries
2 dl fresh black berries
1 dl blue berries
3 Tbsp chia seeds
1 dl coconut milk
1 dl water
½ banana
½ Tsp liquorice powder
1 Tsp Terranova Cherry, Nettle & Turmeric Super Blend

1. Mix the chia seeds in the coconut milk and let them soak for about 10 minutes.

2. Pit the cherries by cutting them in half and removing the pit. Pour them in the blender with the black berries. Add the blueberries and the rest of the ingredients. Blend smooth.

3. Enjoy ✨

Very Berry SmoothieVery Berry Smoothie

’Keep it Cool’ Chocolate Pudding

Keep it Cool - suklaavanukas

The ’Keep it Cool’ chocolate pudding originates from the ’Laid back’ evening porridge that I couldn’t resist developing further. Rest and relax is something we all need once in a while, and in the midst of the busy months of spring it’s definitely worth thinking how one could support one’s own wellbeing with their diet. Relaxing toward the night is necessary for everyone, but in especially stressful life situations it’s good to give one’s nervous system some help in calming down and balancing itself even during the day, especially when one is feeling tense or overexcited.

And thus, I came up with the idea to use Terranova’s Oat and Cherry Super Blend even during day to calm my nerves and help find peace of mind. So, I’ve been using this product both in the evening to help me calm down before going to sleep and during stressful periods in life also during the day. This time I hid it inside this delicious chocolate pudding.

The ’Keep it Cool’ chocolate pudding is worth its name, helping to balance the nervous system with nutrients and vitamins essential for its wellbeing (e.g. vitamin B complexes). And, of course, this wouldn’t be a Wellberries recipe if this pudding would not be a treat for the taste buds as well: this chocolate pudding is both wonderfully chocolaty and comfortingly creamy.

’Keep it Cool’ Chocolate Pudding (for one)

1 banana
2 Tbsp chia seed
about 8 Tbsp coconut milk
1–2 Tbsp raw cacao powder
1 Tbsp lucuma powder
½ avocado
½ Tsp Terranova Oat & Cherry Super Blend powder
½ Tsp Ceylon cinnamon
a sprinkle of salt

1. Mash the banana into a mush in a bowl using a hand blender.

2. Add in the chia seeds and 6 Tbsp of coconut milk. Let the chia seeds soak in the mixture for about 10 minutes.

3. Add in the avocado, the raw cacao powder, lucuma, Oat & Cherry Super Blend, salt, and cinnamon. Mix it smooth with the hand blender, and decorate with coconut milk.


And there you have, yet again, that almost perfect package of nutrition and delight taken another step further.

Wishing you a delicious and peaceful spring time – keep it cool!


Keep it Cool - suklaavanukas

This recipe was created to Terranova.

Wellcake – Lemon (Semi-)Raw Cake (nut-free)

Wellcake - sitruunainen semiraakakakku Wellcake - sitruunainen semiraakakakku

At last, I get to write to you about my new favourite cake! I’ve developed this Wellcake recipe for Terranova, and during the beginning of the year it’s turned into one of my favourites. It’s not only delicious, but also easy to take to any party (I’ve made it for a few parties myself), and it holds together wonderfully. This cake is actually only almost a raw cake, as I’ve used gelatine to bring some more traditional cheesecake feel and texture into it. Using gelatine of course takes the otherwise raw cake out of the raw food category, so I’ve been calling it a semi-raw cake.

One of the cake’s secret ingredients is the Terranova ’Living Wellbeing Super Blend’. This product contains nutrients, fatty acids, and proteins especially good for the wellbeing of both our skin and body. The powder has been composed to have its ingredients work in a healthy synergy with each other: together these ingredients help support general health and wellbeing, provide energy, and support the vitality of the skin tissue.

The Wellcake is thus a wonderful cake that is not only delicious, but also nutritious, high with good-quality energy, and great food to support our general wellbeing. The ’Living Wellbeing Super Blend’ is of course recommended to be consumed on a daily basis in order to prompt its positive effects – enjoying it in the form of a piece of cake isn’t such a bad option to enjoy one’s daily dose of wellbeing, I’d say! Honey and the cake’s sweet bottom crust form a wonderful balance to the tang of the lemon, and coconut cream gives a lovely touch of creaminess to this version of a ’cheese cake’.



(about 8–10 portions)

Bottom crust:
2,5 dl dried dates
1 dl rolled oats (gluten-free)
1 dl coconut flakes
1 Tbsp virgin coconut oil
a pinch of salt

250 g coconut cream (in a carton, stored in the cold)
0,5 dl cacao butter
2 Tsp Terranova Living Wellbeing Super Blend powder
2 Tbsp honey
1 banana
2 organic lemons
0,5 Tsp vanilla powder
1 Tbsp gelatine powder

Decoration: coconut sugar, coconut flakes

1. Prepare the crust: Chop the dates smaller, and put all the ingredients in the blender. Blend it all together until the dough starts to form. The dough is supposed to be easily mouldable. Line a cake mould (diameter ca. 16 cm) with removable sides with a baking sheet and grease it with virgin coconut oil. Spread the dough evenly onto the bottom of the tin and place it into the refrigerator while you prepare the filling.

2. Without shaking the package before, cut the corner of the coconut cream carton, and pour away the fluid that has separated in the cold. Spoon out the congealed cream from the carton into the blender.

3. Melt the cacao butter in a warm water bath. Add the melted cacao butter, the juice of one lemon, and its finely grated zest, the banana, honey, vanilla, and the ’Living Wellbeing’ powder into the blender. Mix until smooth.

4. Mix the gelatine powder into the juice of the other lemon. Heat about 3 tablespoons of water to boil, and add it into the lemon and gelatine powder mix. Stir well until the liquids are evenly mixed. Add the mixture into the coconut filling mixing it gently and thoroughly into the filling.

5. Pour the filling on top of the crust, and then move the cake to set in the cold for about six hours (be sure to check before serving that the cake has firmed thoroughly, inside out) or over night. Decorate the cake right before serving, store in the fridge.


The cake is super easy to prepare the evening before a party or an event, so on the actual serving day you won’t need to be fussing over the dessert in addition to all the rest of the things – just remember to take the cake out just a bit before serving and remove from the cake mould. A little tip: you can heat the sides of the cake mould with warm water to help remove the cake from the sides.

Wishing you delightful (semi-)raw cake moments,


Wellcake - sitruunainen semiraakakakku Wellcake - sitruunainen semiraakakakku

The recipe was created for Terranova.

’Laid Back’ Evening Porridge

Laid back - iltapuuro / Wellberries

The ’Laid Back’ evening porridge is a near perfect evening meal. It calms, relaxes, and tastes soothingly soft. The mellow coconut, oat, and sweet blueberry taste separately wonderful, but together make a superb mix. The ’secret ingredient’ in this recipe brings a touch of balance to the nervous system, and it contains melatonin. This combined with the tryptophan oat meal porridge naturally contains the ’Laid Back’ evening porridge is perfect for calming down before bed time and helping us to fall asleep.

Let’s not keep the secret ingredient a secret any longer: I’ve hidden a dose of Terranova’s Oat & Cherry Super Blend powder in the blueberry chia seed jam! I love to pimp up foods, and this product deserved to be combined with something already soothing and calming.

The Terranova Oat & Cherry Super Blend contains green oat grains and cherry that naturally contains melatonin. Green oat, on the other hand, has traditionally been used to calm a restless mind, so the combination doesn’t sound all that bad, now does it? Luckily I no longer have troubles sleeping, but my mind does tend to make its rounds during the evening when I should rather be letting go of the day’s event and stop planning the coming day. With this porridge relaxing feels a bit easier no matter how busy a day I’ve had, and I fall asleep without problems.

Spring always seems to be a busy time, but luckily the sun boosts up our days with some extra energy, and by making sure we sleep well it’s easier to manage even the busiest days without stressing them over. We often have this porridge last thing in the evening, and I must say: I simply love this evening meal!

’Laid Back’ Evening Porridge

(for two)

2 dl gluten-free oat rolls
4 dl coconut milk
1 dl water
0,5 Tsp salt

200 g thawed / fresh blueberries
2 Tbsp chia seeds
vanilla powder
1 Tsp Terranova Oat & Cherry Super Blend
a sprinkle of Ceylon cinnamon

1. Crush the blueberries with a fork and mix in the chia seeds and vanilla powder. Stir well and let the ingredients soak while cooking the porridge.

2. Mix the coconut milk, water and the rolled oats in a pot, add salt. Cook the porridge, stirring it once in a while, for about 15 minutes. When the porridge is ready, let it cool down for a moment.

3. Add one teaspoon of the Oat & Cherry Super Blend into the blueberry chia seed jam, and stir well.

4. Enjoy the warm porridge with the super healthy jam. If you feel like it, add a sprinkle of cinnamon on top!

Wishing you calm, relaxing and soothing evening moments,

Laid back - iltapuuro / WellberriesLaid back - iltapuuro / Wellberries

The recipe was created for Terranova.