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Fried Sesam-Tofu with Millet-Broccoli Rice

Fried Sesam-Tofu with Millet-Broccoli Rice

A while ago when I was cooking I noticed that I haven’t posted any main course recipes for a long time. In a way it’s understandable, since feel-good treats and candies are really my passion (if only I had time to create recipes every day!), but since I do cook food every day at home, maybe it is time for a main course recipe for a chance!

We enjoyed this delicious vegan dish couple of days ago. We do still eat meat once in a while (but organic and if possible, grass fed), fish and organic chicken sometimes too, but most of the days we eat like vegans. Nowadays also I usually end up ordering vegetarian food in restaurants as well, especially if the waiter doesn’t know where the meat is from.

Fried Sesam-Tofu with Millet-Broccoli Rice

So, because the veggie and plant based food consumption has increased at our place, tofu has also found it’s way onto our plates. There’s been a lot of discussion whether tofu is really healthy or not, but considering all sides of the story, I’ve decided to use tofu – not every day, but once in a while. It brings the needed variation to plant based protein sources, and it’s very easy to prepare: no soaking and rinsing needed here – tofu is ready to use as it is, but most delicious it is when it’s fried until almost crispy.

But when talking about soya product, it’s very important to know what you’re buying: 80% of the world’s soya is gmo. But avoiding it is easy, too: just choose organic, and you’ll be good to go!

Fried Sesam-Tofu with Millet-Broccoli Rice

This time I served tofu fried, with sesame-lemon sauce and with one of my favorite side dish: cooked millet with broccoli rice and fresh cilantro – so yummy, but at the same time: so healthy, too! Our whole family loves side dishes like this: mixing broccoli or cauliflower rice to millet, quinoa or buckwheat is an easy way to eat more veggies, almost without noticing it.

Hope you’ll like it too, take care! tuulia

Fried Sesam-Tofu with Millet-Broccoli Rice

Fried Sesam-Tofu with Millet-Broccoli Rice

for two

about 300 g firm tofu
ghee or virgin coconut oil for frying

0,5 dl sesam oil
2 cloves of garlic
lemon of 1/2 a lemon + some of the zest (use organic)
1 Tbsp maple syrup
fresh chili
2 Tbsp soya sauce

side dish:
about 1 dl millet groats
about 200 g broccoli
about 0,5 tsp salt
about 1 tsp jeeraa
about 0,5 tsp turmeric
a bit of black pepper
virgin olive oil

green onion, cilantro, black sesame seeds

1. Prepare millet groats according to the packet instructions. While the millet is boiling prepare broccoli rice: cut it to smaller pieces, and put into a blender, small amount at time: mix until you have some “rice”. Fry the broccoli rice quickly on a pan, and when the millet is ready mix it with broccoli rice. Season.

2. Prepare tofu: dry it with a kitchen cloth or paper, and wrap it for a moment. Place between two places, to that the other plate works as a weight on top of the tofu. Let be for a while – this is how you will get crunchy and lovely tofu!

3. While the tofu is drying, prepare the sauce: mix all the ingredients. Chop the onion and cilantro.

4. Unwrap the tofu and dice it. Fry on oil or ghee until golden brown and nice and a bit crispy. Take the heat out and mix the sauce with the tofu.

5. Almost ready! Serve the millet-broccoli rice with tofu and the sauce, add the green onion, heaps of cilantro and black sesame seeds. And enjoy!

Fried Sesam-Tofu with Millet-Broccoli Rice