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Princess Chocolate (a.k.a raw white chocolate with mulberries)

My blog is up and running again, after a few days of problems, wohoo! I tried to come and share this lovely recipe with you guys already on Sunday, only to find out that I couldn’t. I had to hold my horses – what a great practice it was for the impatient me!

But now, finally, may I introduce Princess chocolate! Princess chocolate is vegan and raw white chocolate, accompanied by sweet mulberries and lovely beetroot juice powder – lovely and such a pretty combination! We live next to a flower wholesaler (yep, lucky me!) and I had bought some (ok, a lot of) white and light pink flowers to cheer things up, and princess chocolate was just a perfect match with them – don’t you think?

Princess Chocolate (a.k.a raw white chocolate with mulberries)

When I was younger, I used to love white chocolate. I didn’t start to appreciate chocolate (I mean the regular, made on cocoa) until later, and even later I discovered raw chocolate. White chocolate was my favorite, as it was supersweet and milky, thanks to all the sugar and milk powder it contains.

This princess chocolate originates from white chocolate, but at the same time is totally different: the sweetness is milder, it’s more nutritious and has no milk powder so is totally vegan as well – a lot nicer combination as compared to the traditional white chocolate, right? The chocolate wouldn’t be princess chocolate if it wasn’t pretty and luxurious too: the beetroot juice powder brings a bit of sparkle on top! ✨

Gentle and sweet princess chocolate moments,

Princess Chocolate (a.k.a raw white chocolate with mulberries)

Princess chocolate a.k.a white chocolate with mulberries and beetroot juice powder 

about 150 g (3 dl) grated cocoa butter
6 Tbsp sunflower seeds
4 Tbsp mulberries
2 Tbsp rice flour (or other white flour)
about 5 Tbsp maple syrup
about 0,5 tsp vanilla powder
hint of salt

on top: beetroot juice powder + mulberries

1. Place the mulberries and seeds into a powerful blender with the vanilla and salt. Mix until smooth and flour-like. Add the rice flour.

2. Melt the cocoa butter on mild heat.

3. Put the flour mixture into a bowl, and add the melted cocoa butter and maple syrup. Check the taste – at this point the liquid should be quite sweet.

4. Put a parchment sheet into a small tray. Sprinkle mulberries and beetroot juice powder on top, and put into a freezer for a moment.

5. When the white chocolate is ready, finish it up with mulberries, beetroot juice powder, and cut into pieces. Enjoy! ✨

Princess Chocolate (a.k.a raw white chocolate with mulberries)